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Osborn, Alex Faikney


Tap Directly Into Your Creative Mind... And Easily Access YOUR Million-Dollar Ideas. Ideas are the lifeblood of success... and the best ideas originate with brainstorming.

Gallagher, Shaun - Brainstorming, ebook


Gallagher, Shaun


Shaun Gallagher is a philosopher of mind who has made it his business to study and meet with leading neuroscientists, including Michael Gazzaniga, Marc Jeannerod and Chris Frith. The result is this unique introduction to the study of the mind, with topics…

Burton, Neil - Assessing Science at KS2, ebook

Assessing Science at KS2

Burton, Neil

From 16,00€

Encourage students to record their scientific knowledge and understanding using these easy-to-use sheets. The activities will encourage students to think and help you to gather evidence and assess what they know and can do. The teachers' notes contain…

Loughrey, Anita - 100+ Fun Ideas for Science Investigations, ebook

100+ Fun Ideas for Science Investigations

Loughrey, Anita

From 13,00€

This book contains exciting, fun classroom experiments to help teach scientific investigation. The activities require a minimum of preparation and only the simplest of science equipment. Each activity provides opportunities for children to develop their…

Cox, David - Creative Thinking For Dummies, ebook

Creative Thinking For Dummies

Cox, David

From 23,90€

It covers a range of techniques, including brainstorming, lateral thinking, mind mapping, synectics, drawing and doodling your way to great ideas, meditation and visualization, word and language games, and divergent thinking. See the world in a different way, and