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Fischer, Kurt W. - The Jossey-Bass Reader on the Brain and Learning, ebook

The Jossey-Bass Reader on the Brain and Learning

Fischer, Kurt W.


This comprehensive reader presents an accessible overview of recent brain research and contains valuable insights into how students learn and how we should teach them. It includes articles from the top thinkers in both the brain science and K-12 education

Moula, Alireza - Brain, School, and Society, ebook

Brain, School, and Society

Moula, Alireza


Results Based on Multiple Evidence
Alireza Moula
7. Reflective Integration of Conclusions for Theory Building
Alireza Moula
8. An Evolving Theory for Social Problem-Solving Literacy
Alireza Moula
9. The Power of Systematic Thinking. A Challenging

Graimann, Bernhard - Brain-Computer Interfaces, ebook

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Graimann, Bernhard


The Graz Brain-Computer Interface
Gert Pfurtscheller, Clemens Brunner, Robert Leeb, Reinhold Scherer, Gernot R. Müller-Putz, Christa Neuper
6. BCIs in the Laboratory and at Home: The Wadsworth Research Program
Eric W. Sellers, Dennis J. McFarland, Theresa

Guger, Christoph - Brain-Computer Interface Research, ebook

Brain-Computer Interface Research

Guger, Christoph


An Auditory Output Brain–Computer Interface for Speech Communication
Jonathan S. Brumberg, Frank H. Guenther, Philip R. Kennedy
3. User-Appropriate and Robust Control Strategies to Enhance Brain−Computer Interface Performance