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Hendrikse, Jeroen - This is Our Brain, ebook

This is Our Brain

Hendrikse, Jeroen


Table of contents
1. CT and MRI Scans: The Basic Principles
Jeroen Hendrikse
2. CT and MRI Scans: Different Types of Images
Jeroen Hendrikse
3. The Anatomy of the Human Brain
Jeroen Hendrikse
4. White Spots
Jeroen Hendrikse
5. Shrinking Brain
Jeroen Hendrikse
6. Silent Infarcts

Rolls, Edmund - Neural Networks and Brain Function, ebook

Neural Networks and Brain Function

Rolls, Edmund


The aim of this book is to describe the types of computation that can be performed by biologically plausible neural networks, and to show how these may be implemented in different systems in the brain. Neural Networks and Brain Function is structured

Sprenger, Marilee B. - The Leadership Brain For Dummies, ebook

The Leadership Brain For Dummies

Sprenger, Marilee B.

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Discover how scientific knowledge of the brain can make you a better leader
Based upon the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience and advances in brain-based education, Leadership Brain For Dummies gives you the