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O'Mara, Shane - A Brain for Business – A Brain for Life, ebook

A Brain for Business – A Brain for Life

O'Mara, Shane


Table of contents
1. A Background Scenario from Organisational Life
Shane O’Mara
2. Scene-Setting, Background Information and Tools for Thinking
Shane O’Mara
3. Mind-sets, Self-talk and Changing Behaviour
Shane O’Mara
4. Self-Regulation and Self-Control
Shane O’Mara
5. The Importance

Janigro, Damir - Mammalian Brain Development, ebook

Mammalian Brain Development

Janigro, Damir


Sexual Differentiation of the Brain: Genetic, Hormonal and Trophic Factors
Hugo F. Carrer, María J. Cambiasso
2. Life at the Interface Between a Dynamic Environment and a Fixed Genome: Epigenetic Programming of Stress Responses by Maternal Behavior

Lagercrantz, Hugo - Infant Brain Development, ebook

Infant Brain Development

Lagercrantz, Hugo


Patterning of the Brain, Neural Proliferation, and Migration
Hugo Lagercrantz
3. Nerve Growth and Neurotransmission
Hugo Lagercrantz
4. Fetal Moving and Sensing
Hugo Lagercrantz
5. The Stress of Being Born and First Breaths
Hugo Lagercrantz