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Coca, Antonio - Hypertension and Brain Damage, ebook

Hypertension and Brain Damage

Coca, Antonio


Comorbidities Often Associated with Brain Damage in Hypertension: Dyslipidaemia
Dragan Lovic, Manolis S. Kallistratos, Athanasios J. Manolis
3. Comorbidities Often Associated with Brain

Goodwin, Charles - Conversation and Brain Damage, ebook

Conversation and Brain Damage

Goodwin, Charles


How do people with brain damage communicate? How does the partial or total loss of the ability to speak and use language fluently manifest itself in actual conversation? How are people with brain damage

Bartolomeo, Paolo - Attention Disorders After Right Brain Damage, ebook

Attention Disorders After Right Brain Damage

Bartolomeo, Paolo


Table of contents
1. The Attention Systems of the Human Brain
Paolo Bartolomeo
2. Sensorimotor Deficits After Right Brain Damage
Paolo Bartolomeo
3. Consequences of Right Hemisphere Lesions on Bodily Awareness and Control
Paolo Bartolomeo
4. Unilateral Spatial Neglect: Clinical Aspects
Paolo Bartolomeo

Bernhardi, Rommy von - The Plastic Brain, ebook

The Plastic Brain

Bernhardi, Rommy von


Learning as a Functional State of the Brain: Studies in Wild-Type and Transgenic Animals
José M. Delgado-García, Agnès Gruart
Part II. Neural Plasticity in Early Postnatal Development
6. Bidirectional Effects of Mother-Young Contact on the Maternal and

Bähr, Mathias - Brain Repair, ebook

Brain Repair

Bähr, Mathias


Table of contents
1. Cell Death in the Nervous System
Kerstin Krieglstein
2. The Glial Response to Injury and Its Role in the Inhibition of CNS Repair
James W. Fawcett
3. DSD-1-Proteoglycan/Phosphacan and Receptor Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase-Beta Isoforms during Development and Regeneration of Neural Tissues

Hollinson, Jack - Would You Believe Him?, ebook

Would You Believe Him?

Hollinson, Jack


Barry was an ordinary lad, finding his way through life and meeting challenges when they arose. He told himself that he MUST do better in his final year at school so he had already started to make considerably more effort with his studies. He was even…