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Verplaetse, Jan - The Moral Brain, ebook

The Moral Brain

Verplaetse, Jan


“Extended Attachment” and the Human Brain: Internalized Cultural Values and Evolutionary Implications
Jorge Moll, Ricardo Oliveira-Souza
5. Neuro-Cognitive Systems Involved in Moral Reasoning
James Blair
6. Empathy and Morality: Integrating Social

Hooper, Nigel M. - Proteases In The Brain, ebook

Proteases In The Brain

Hooper, Nigel M.


Table of contents
1. Proteases and Alzheimer’s Disease: Present Knowledge and Emerging Concepts of Therapy
Hans-Gert Bernstein
2. Calpain Proteolysis and the Etiology of Parkinson’s Disease: An Emerging Hypothesis
Stephen J. Crocker, Patrice D. Smith, David S. Park
3. Cysteine Proteases in Neuronal Death

Seki, Tatsunori - Neurogenesis in the Adult Brain II, ebook

Neurogenesis in the Adult Brain II

Seki, Tatsunori


Table of contents
1. Neurogenesis in Monkey and Human Adult Brain
Andréanne Bédard, Patrick J. Bernier, André Parent
2. Adult Neurogenesis in Parkinson’s Disease
Hideki Mochizuki
3. Adult Neurogenesis in Epilepsy

Seki, Tatsunori - Neurogenesis in the Adult Brain I, ebook

Neurogenesis in the Adult Brain I

Seki, Tatsunori


Table of contents
Part I. History
1. The Discovery of Adult Mammalian Neurogenesis
Joseph Altman
2. Song Learning in Birds Offers a Model for Neuronal Replacement in Adult Brain
Fernando Nottebohm
Part II. Basic Aspects of Neurogenesis

Murakami, Yasunori - Brain Evolution by Design, ebook

Brain Evolution by Design

Murakami, Yasunori


Insect Brains: Minute Structures Controlling Complex Behaviors
Michiyo Kinoshita, Uwe Homberg
7. Identifying Vertebrate Brain Prototypes in Deuterostomes
Takehiro G. Kusakabe
8. Genome and Transcriptome-Wide Research

Pontarotti, Pierre - Evolutionary Biology, ebook

Evolutionary Biology

Pontarotti, Pierre


The Evolution of Brains and Cognitive Abilities
Christopher Mitchell
6. Convergence as an Evolutionary Trade-off in the Evolution of Acoustic Signals: Echolocation in Horseshoe Bats as a Case Study
David S. Jacobs, Gregory L. Mutumi, Tinyiko Maluleke,

Enzmann, Gaby - The Blood Brain Barrier and Inflammation, ebook

The Blood Brain Barrier and Inflammation

Enzmann, Gaby


Topological Aspects of the Blood–Brain and Blood–Cerebrospinal Fluid Barriers and Their Relevance in Inflammation
Friederike Pfeiffer, Andreas F. Mack, Hartwig Wolburg
3. The Contribution of the Extracellular Matrix to the BBB in Steady State and Inflammatory