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Dayley, Brad - Photoshop CC Bible, ebook

Photoshop CC Bible

Dayley, Brad


The one reference book every Photoshop user needs!
Adobe Photoshop is the industry leading image-editing software, and the newest version boasts exciting new features. This must-have comprehensive resource gets you started with the basics and then highlights the latest updates and revisions

Smith, Jennifer - Photoshop CC Digital Classroom, ebook

Photoshop CC Digital Classroom

Smith, Jennifer


Learn Photoshop CC with this DVD-and-book training package!
Adobe Photoshop is the industry leading image-editing program for digital photographers, graphic designers, and web developers, and the newest version includes even more great tools to manage

Onstott, Scott - Adobe Photoshop CS6 Essentials, ebook

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Essentials

Onstott, Scott


The perfect primer for learning Adobe Photoshop, whether you're new to it or updating your skills
Create logos, edit images, and design without fear in Adobe Photoshop, once you learn the essentials. This clear, task-based book covers them all, from

Bauer, er - Photoshop CS6 For Dummies, ebook

Photoshop CS6 For Dummies

Bauer, er


The bestselling guide to the leading image-editing software, Photoshop CS6, fully updated!
Want picture-perfect photos, every time? Get up to speed on the most popular professional photo-editing software on the market: Photoshop. In this new

Smith, Jennifer - Adobe Photoshop CS6 Digital Classroom, ebook

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Digital Classroom

Smith, Jennifer


Photoshop is the industry standard for image editing, and this guide gets photographers, commercial designers, web developers, fine artists, and serious hobbyists up to speed on the newest version. It includes 13 self-paced lessons that allow you to progress at your

Stuart, Brianna - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Photoshop CC, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Photoshop CC

Stuart, Brianna


Get savvy with the newest features and enhancements of Photoshop CC
The newest version of Photoshop boasts enhanced and new features that afford you some amazing and creative ways to create images with impact, and this popular guide gets visual learners up to speed quickly. Packed with

Wooldridge, Mike - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Adobe Photoshop CS6, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Adobe Photoshop CS6

Wooldridge, Mike


With colorful screen shots illustrating the step-by-step instructions, this book is perfect for Photoshop newcomers and for visual learners who are upgrading from an earlier version. It covers setting up the software, importing images from the camera, using all the

Obermeier, Barbara - Photoshop CS6 All-in-One For Dummies, ebook

Photoshop CS6 All-in-One For Dummies

Obermeier, Barbara


Everything you need to know about the newest version of Photoshop packed into one For Dummies guide
Photoshop is the world’s most popular image editing software, with more than four million users worldwide. Professional photographers, graphic designers, and Web designers as well

Wooldridge, Mike - Teach Yourself VISUALLY<sup><small>TM</small></sup> Photoshop<sup>&#174;</sup> CS5, ebook

Teach Yourself VISUALLYTM Photoshop® CS5

Wooldridge, Mike


Designed for those who learn best visually, this full-color guide has been completely updated to cover the newest release of Photoshop. Previous editions have sold more than 150,000 copies. Photoshop is the industry standard