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Sorsa, Juha - Our Book, ebook

Our Book

Sorsa, Juha


Our Book is a guidebook to the world of thoughts and to being a human. The book includes poems, sayings and ponderings. Themes cover metaphysics, humanity, love, nature and cosmos. Juha and Anastasia investigate how traumatic events in one's past could

Berntsen, Romy - Where Is My Book?, ebook

Where Is My Book?

Berntsen, Romy


Lilli lives in a very special place; she lives in a library… but Lilli’s library isn’t an ordinary library because she lives in one of the books and at night when everyone has gone home Lilli comes out to play! Lilli loves night time when she jumps out of the book

Book, Matthias - Tamed Agility, ebook

Tamed Agility

Book, Matthias


The Need for Tamed Agility
Matthias Book, Volker Gruhn, Rüdiger Striemer
Part II. The Interaction Room
2. A Room for Ideas
Matthias Book, Volker Gruhn, Rüdiger Striemer
3. Interaction Room Basics

Book, Matthias - Erfolgreiche agile Projekte, ebook

Erfolgreiche agile Projekte

Book, Matthias


Gezähmte Agilität
Matthias Book, Volker Gruhn, Rüdiger Striemer
Teil II. Der Interaction Room
2. Gedanken einen Raum geben
Matthias Book, Volker Gruhn, Rüdiger Striemer
3. Interaction-Room-Grundlagen

Beydeda, Sami - Model-Driven Software Development, ebook

Model-Driven Software Development

Beydeda, Sami


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Models, Modeling, and Model-Driven Architecture (MDA)
Alan W. Brown, Jim Conallen, Dave Tropeano
Part I.Conceptual Foundations of Model-Driven Development
2. A Systematic Look at Model Transformations