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Barratt, Robin - 101 Interesting Facts on Bodyguards and Bodyguarding, ebook

101 Interesting Facts on Bodyguards and Bodyguarding

Barratt, Robin


Do you know what is involved in the role of a bodyguard? Could you have what it takes to protect the rich and famous? Would you like to learn more about the people who watch over high-profile individuals and celebrities? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are sure to enjoy

Bronson, Charles - Respect and Reputation, ebook

Respect and Reputation

Bronson, Charles


In complete contrast, although he has spent much of his life surrounded by violence, former bouncer and bodyguard Robin Barratt would now prefer to take a passive path away from any conflict. In this fascinating book, Barratt and Bronson examine in detail respect and

Kimber, Kim - The Whitney Houston Quiz Book, ebook

The Whitney Houston Quiz Book

Kimber, Kim


Are you a fan of Whitney Houston? Have you followed every twist and turn in her long and successful career? Were you, like thousands of others, deeply saddened by Whitney’s untimely death? Then what better way to pay tribute to the legendary queen of…

Cowlin, Chris - The Official Charles Bronson Quiz Book, ebook

The Official Charles Bronson Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Charles Bronson is undoubtedly the most notorious prisoner in Britain and is not only a household name but also as much of an institution as the multitude of Her Majesty’s establishments whose doors he has graced over the last 37 years, most of that…

Dawkins, Jim - The Loose Screw, ebook

The Loose Screw

Dawkins, Jim


Jim Dawkins left home at the age of sixteen to pursue his dream of joining the army, and subsequently served with the Royal Green Jackets, including tours of Canada and Northern Ireland. During that time he learnt many important lessons in the ‘University…

Bronson, Charles - Loonyology, ebook


Bronson, Charles


Lifer Charlie Bronson’s reputation precedes him - ‘Britain’s most violent prisoner’ - or does it? Do we really know the true Charlie, or are our impressions the result of media hype? Well, what is in no doubt is that Loonyology is 200% Bronson…

Barratt, Robin - Confessions of a Doorman, ebook

Confessions of a Doorman

Barratt, Robin


Following on from the success of his best selling book Doing the Doors, doorman, bodyguard, ex-mercenary and martial arts expert Robin Barratt recalls more hard-hitting stories from his frequently violent life on nightclub doors around the UK. Barratt also records a few incredible and often

Bronson, Charles - Prison Diaries, ebook

Prison Diaries

Bronson, Charles


Charles Bronson is Britain’s most notorious prisoner, a ‘Category A’ inmate who has spent over 30 years inside as a result of his violent and unpredictable behaviour. No one knows the system better than Charlie. Now, for the very first time, you…

Hill, Tom - The Art Of Self Defence, ebook

The Art Of Self Defence

Hill, Tom


This book gives the reader a whole host of tools - both practical and psychological - which will help them achieve the status of a self-defence master. With thirty-two chapters covering a range of subjects from fitness to body language to eye contact,…

Bronson, Charles - Born Again Artist, ebook

Born Again Artist

Bronson, Charles


From Charles Bronson himself: It's back. It's crazy. It's mind blowing. It's on the edge. It’s total bonkers! It's dark. It's brain explosive material. Hell ... it's me ... I'm back! I never really disappeared ... I'm always here. You just can't see…