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Gunelius, Susan - Blogging All-in-One For Dummies, ebook

Blogging All-in-One For Dummies

Gunelius, Susan


A complete update to the ultimate reference guide on blogging basics!
The increase in the number of blogs is seemingly endless and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate, thanks in part to the rise of smartphones, tablets, and blogging applications. With this kind of popularity, how can

Gunelius, Susan - Blogging All-in-One For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Blogging All-in-One For Dummies®

Gunelius, Susan


Eight self-contained minibooks cover joining the blogosphere, blogging software, tools that extend your blog, marketing your blog, microblogging, making money from your blog, corporate blogging, and niche blogging. Blogging

UNKNOWN - Professional Blogging For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Professional Blogging For Dummies®



Helpful examples and featured articles with topic experts and bloggers who have built successful business demonstrate how to promote your business or build a blog-based business. Discusses

Birley, Shane - Blogging For Dummies, ebook

Blogging For Dummies

Birley, Shane

From 20,60€

Everybody’s doing it! And while that logic never got far with your mother, it’s a fine reason to start blogging, especially if you have a business to build or a cause to promote. Well-run blogs do more than offer an outlet for your thoughts. They’ve

Gunelius, Susan - Google Blogger For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

Google Blogger For Dummies®

Gunelius, Susan


Are you bemused by blogs? Eager to become a blogger? Google Blogger For Dummies can help you start blogging sooner than you think.
More than 14 million people are promoting a business, connecting with family and friends, and sharing opinions with

Nelson, Matthew L. - Sustainable e-Business Management, ebook

Sustainable e-Business Management

Nelson, Matthew L.


Dynamic Revenue Model Design in the Online Services Business: Two Cases in Japan
Masao Kakihara
2. Pricing of Content Services – An Empirical Investigation of Music as a Service
Jonathan Doerr, Alexander Benlian, Johannes Vetter, Thomas Hess
3. Informational