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Lee, Cheryl T. - Bladder Cancer, ebook

Bladder Cancer

Lee, Cheryl T.


Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Bladder Cancer: A Good Concept But Where’s the Proof?
Stephen Smith, Timothy Gilligan
24. Beyond MVAC: New and Improved Chemotherapeutics
Deborah Bradley, Maha Hussain
25. The Role of

Lokeshwar, Vinata B. - Bladder Tumors:, ebook

Bladder Tumors:

Lokeshwar, Vinata B.


Economics of Bladder Cancer Diagnosis and Surveillance
Joshua Sleeper, Yair Lotan
8. Prognostic Markers for Bladder Cancer
Tomonori Habuchi
9. Molecular Nomograms for Predicting Prognosis and Treatment Response

Bassi, PierFrancesco - Invasive Bladder Cancer, ebook

Invasive Bladder Cancer

Bassi, PierFrancesco


Table of contents
1. Epidemiology and prevention of bladder cancer
Eva Negri, Carlo Vecchia
2. Early diagnosis and screening
Melanie L McNally, Hani H Rashid, Edward M Messing
3. Non-invasive diagnosis
David E Neal
4. Molecular pathology of tumour progression and metastasis
Bernd J Schmitz-Dräger,

Castle, Erik P. - Robotic Surgery of the Bladder, ebook

Robotic Surgery of the Bladder

Castle, Erik P.


Robot-Assisted Anterior Pelvic Exenteration for Bladder Cancer in the Female
Jeffrey W. Nix, Raj S. Pruthi
8. Variations in Surgical Approach: Partial Cystectomy, Vaginal-Sparing, and Prostate-Sparing
Anthony N. Hoang,

Sarkar, Fazlul H. - Nutraceuticals and Cancer, ebook

Nutraceuticals and Cancer

Sarkar, Fazlul H.


Mechanism of Action of the Anti-cancer Agent, Triptolide
Veena Sangwan, Ashok K. Saluja
8. Nutraceuticals in Human Urinary Bladder Cancer Prevention and Treatment
Xiaolin Zi, Christopher

Cho, William C.S. - MicroRNAs in Cancer Translational Research, ebook

MicroRNAs in Cancer Translational Research

Cho, William C.S.


The Role of MicroRNAs in Lung Cancer Development, Progression, and Metastasis
Don L. Gibbons, Zain H. Rizvi, Jonathan M. Kurie
3. MicroRNAs in Breast Cancer
Suvi-Katri Leivonen
4. MicroRNAs in Colorectal Cancer
Ondrej Slaby, Marek Svoboda, Jaroslav