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Bergeron, Bryan - Biotech Industry: A Global, Economic, and Financing Overview, ebook

Biotech Industry: A Global, Economic, and Financing Overview

Bergeron, Bryan


"The biotech industry is a complex, rapidly evolving, and critical industry. The industry holds great commercial and societal promise, but it is also filled with hype, confusion, and risks. Bergeron and Chan do a remarkable job of providing a sweeping insightful, and probing assessment of

Bin, Roberto - Biotech Innovations and Fundamental Rights, ebook

Biotech Innovations and Fundamental Rights

Bin, Roberto


Patentability Requirements of Biotech Inventions at the European Patent Office: Ethical Issues
Giovanni Macchia
4. The Right to Access the Benefits of Science and Intellectual Property Rights
Aurora Plomer
5. “Ownership and Provenance” of Genetic

Rankovic, Zoran - Lead Generation Approaches in Drug Discovery, ebook

Lead Generation Approaches in Drug Discovery

Rankovic, Zoran


An integrated overview of modern approaches to lead discovery
Lead generation is increasingly seen as a distinct and success-determining phase of the drug discovery process. Over recent years, there have been major advances in the understanding of…

Curzio, Alberto Quadrio - Research and Technological Innovation, ebook

Research and Technological Innovation

Curzio, Alberto Quadrio


Introduction - Research, Technology, Innovation: Analysis and Cases
Alberto Quadrio Curzio, Marco Fortis
I. Scientific-Technological Innovation and Industrial Growth
2. The Intellectual Origins of Modern Economic Growth
Joel Mokyr
3. Local Systems

Prager, Gary - Practical Pharmaceutical Engineering, ebook

Practical Pharmaceutical Engineering

Prager, Gary


A practical guide to all key the elements of pharmaceuticals and biotech manufacturing and design
Engineers working in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries are routinely called upon to handle operational issues outside of their fields of expertise.