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Tiwari, Ashutosh - Biosensors Nanotechnology, ebook

Biosensors Nanotechnology

Tiwari, Ashutosh


A new emerging field that combines nanoscale materials and biosensor technology is receiving increased attention. Nanostructures have been used to achieve direct wiring of biosensing elements to electrode surfaces, to promote bio-reactions, to impose nanobarcodes on biomaterials, and to amplify the signal from bio-recognition

Cunningham, David D. - In Vivo Glucose Sensing, ebook

In Vivo Glucose Sensing

Cunningham, David D.


In Vivo Glucose Sensing is a key reference for scientists and engineers working on the development of glucose sensing technologies for the management of diabetes and other medical conditions. It discusses the analytical chemistry behind the strategies…

Baronas, Romas - Mathematical Modeling of Biosensors, ebook

Mathematical Modeling of Biosensors

Baronas, Romas


Modeling Biosensors at Steady State and Internal Diffusion Limitations
Romas Baronas, Feliksas Ivanauskas, Juozas Kulys
3. Modeling Biosensors at Steady State and External Diffusion Limitations
Romas Baronas, Feliksas

Lalauze, Rene - Chemical Sensors and Biosensors, ebook

Chemical Sensors and Biosensors

Lalauze, Rene

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The constant progress being made in the theoretical and technological aspects concerning studies and developments of chemical sensors, biosensors and biochips is presented in this book by different scientists and professors from different universities and constitutes

Eggins, Brian R. - Chemical Sensors and Biosensors, ebook

Chemical Sensors and Biosensors

Eggins, Brian R.


Covering the huge developments in sensor technology and electronic sensing devices that have occurred in the last 10 years, this book uses an open learning format to encourage reader understanding of the subject. An invaluable distance learning book Applications orientated providing invaluable aid for anyone wishing to use

Le?chl?, Thierry - Micro-and Nanoelectromechanical Biosensors, ebook

Micro-and Nanoelectromechanical Biosensors

Le?chl?, Thierry


The aim is to provide a contemporary snapshot of the biosensing landscape without neglecting the seminal references or products where needed, following the downscaling (from the micro- to the nanoscale) of biosensors and their respective best known applications. To

Zourob, Mohammed - Recognition Receptors in Biosensors, ebook

Recognition Receptors in Biosensors

Zourob, Mohammed


Surface Sensitization Techniques and Recognition Receptors Immobilization on Biosensors and Microarrays
Vincent Dugas, Abdelhamid Elaissari, Yves Chevalier
3. Analytical Tools for Biosensor Surface Chemical Characterization
Hans Jörg Mathieu
4. Enzyme

Evtugyn, Gennady - Biosensors: Essentials, ebook

Biosensors: Essentials

Evtugyn, Gennady


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Overview of History
Gennady Evtugyn
2. Biochemical Components Used in Biosensor Assemblies
Gennady Evtugyn
3. Biosensor Signal Transducers
Gennady Evtugyn
4. How Does It Work? Case Studies