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Costa, Mário - Biorefineries, ebook


Costa, Mário


Designing Integrated Biorefineries Using Process Systems Engineering Tools
Behrang Mansoornejad, Shabnam Sanaei, Banafsheh Gilani, Dieudonné R. Batsy, Marzouk Benali, Paul R. Stuart
9. Biorefineries in the World
Francisco Gírio, Susana Marques, Filomena

Bajpai, Rakesh - Algal Biorefineries, ebook

Algal Biorefineries

Bajpai, Rakesh


Table of contents
Part I. Bioreactors for Cultivation of Algae
1. Status of Algae as Vehicles for Commercial Production of Fuels and Chemicals
Rakesh Bajpai, Mark Zappi, Stephen Dufreche, Ramalingam Subramaniam, Ales Prokop
2. Algal Reactor…

Huang, Huajiang - Separation and Purification Technologies in Biorefineries, ebook

Separation and Purification Technologies in Biorefineries

Huang, Huajiang


Separation and purification processes play a critical role in biorefineries and their optimal selection, design and operation to maximise product yields and improve overall process efficiency. Separations and purifications are necessary for upstream processes as well as in maximising and

Ruiz, Héctor A. - Hydrothermal Processing in Biorefineries, ebook

Hydrothermal Processing in Biorefineries

Ruiz, Héctor A.


Techno-Economic Aspects in the Evaluation of Biorefineries for Production of Second-Generation Bioethanol
Michael Persson, Borbála Erdei, Mats Galbe, Ola Wallberg
18. Minimizing Precipitated Lignin Formation and Maximizing Monosugar Concentration by Formic

May, Oliver - Industrial Enzyme Applications, ebook

Industrial Enzyme Applications

May, Oliver


This reference is a "must-read": It explains how an effective and economically viable enzymatic process in industry is developed and presents numerous successful examples which underline the efficiency of biocatalysis.