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Biology - Functional and Evolutionary Ecology of Bats, ebook

Functional and Evolutionary Ecology of Bats



Energetics, Thermal Biology, and Torpor in Australian Bats, Fritz Geiser 2. Temperature, Hibernation Energetics, and the Cave and Continental Distributions of Little Brown Bats, Murray M. Humpheries, John R. Speakman, Donald W. Thomas 3. Daily Hetrothermy by Temperate

Barrett, Nathaniel F. - Biology and Subjectivity, ebook

Biology and Subjectivity

Barrett, Nathaniel F.


Table of contents
1. Biology and Subjectivity: Philosophical Contributions to a Non-reductive Neuroscience
José Ignacio Murillo, Miguel García-Valdecasas, Nathaniel F. Barrett
2. Self-Consciousness, Personal Identity, and the Challenge of Neuroscience
Dieter Sturma
3. Mind vs. Body and Other False Dilemmas

Iannelli, Mimmo - Mathematics of Biology, ebook

Mathematics of Biology

Iannelli, Mimmo


Table of contents
1. Delay Differential Equations
Kennet L. Cooke
2. Volterra Integrodifferential Equations in Population Dynamics
J. M. Gushing
3. Diffusion Equations in Biology
K.P. Hadeler
4. Some Mathematical Problems Arising…

Kampourakis, Kostas - The Philosophy of Biology, ebook

The Philosophy of Biology

Kampourakis, Kostas


Philosophy of Biology and Biology Education: An Introduction
Kostas Kampourakis
2. What Is Life?
Carol E. Cleland, Michael Zerella
3. Biological Explanation
Angela Potochnik
4. What Would Natural Laws in

Pontarotti, Pierre - Evolutionary Biology, ebook

Evolutionary Biology

Pontarotti, Pierre


Knowledge Standardization in Evolutionary Biology: The Comparative Data Analysis Ontology
Francisco Prosdocimi, Brandon Chisham, Enrico Pontelli, Arlin Stoltzfus, Julie D. Thompson
13. Large-Scale Analyses of Positive Selection Using Codon Models

Bolsover, Stephen R. - Cell Biology: A Short Course, ebook

Cell Biology: A Short Course

Bolsover, Stephen R.

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Special boxed sections focus on the importance of cell biology in medicine and industry today. This text is completely updated from the successful "Cell Biology, A Short Course, 2e," includes new chapters and now has a supporting

Rechtman, Max - CliffsStudySolver Biology, ebook

CliffsStudySolver Biology

Rechtman, Max


CliffsStudySolver Biology is for students who want to reinforce their knowledge with a learn-by-doing approach. Inside, you’ll get the practice you need to master biology with problem-solving tools such as Clear, concise

Hirabayashi, Yoshio - Sphingolipid Biology, ebook

Sphingolipid Biology

Hirabayashi, Yoshio


Structural Biology of Sphingolipid Synthesis
Hiroko Ikushiro, Akihiro Okamoto, Hideyuki Hayashi
39. A Computer Visualization Model for the De Novo Sphingolipid Biosynthetic Pathway
Jin Young Hong, Jeremy C. Allegood, Samuel Kelly, Elaine Wang, Alfred H.

Fu, Pengcheng - Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology, ebook

Systems Biology and Synthetic Biology

Fu, Pengcheng


Systems biology and synthetic biology are emerging as two complementary approaches, which embody the breakthrough in biology and invite application of engineering principles. Systems Biology

Meyers, Robert A. - Synthetic Biology, ebook

Synthetic Biology

Meyers, Robert A.


These two volumes contain a selection of updated articles from the acclaimed Meyers Encyclopedia of Molecular Cell Biology and Molecular Medicine, the most authoritative resource in cell and molecular biology, combined with new articles by "founding