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Vincent, John - The Bioinorganic Chemistry of Chromium, ebook

The Bioinorganic Chemistry of Chromium

Vincent, John


Topics covered include:What do we know about the biochemical roles and mechanisms of chromium?Is chromium an essential element in the mammalian diet?Is chromium(III) effective as a nutraceutical, a therapeutic agent, and as a supplement in  animal feed?What is the biochemistry behind the toxicology

Karlin, Kenneth D. - Copper-Oxygen Chemistry, ebook

Copper-Oxygen Chemistry

Karlin, Kenneth D.


This newest volume in the Wiley Series on Reactive Intermediates in Chemistry and Biology is divided into three logical areas within the topic of copper/oxygen chemistry— biological systems, theory, and bioinorganic

Roat-Malone, Rosette M. - Bioinorganic Chemistry: A Short Course, ebook

Bioinorganic Chemistry: A Short Course

Roat-Malone, Rosette M.


Bioinorganic chemical knowledge grows more interesting and more complex with each passing year. As more details about the usage and utility of metals in biological species and more mechanistic and structural information about bioinorganic molecules becomes

Storr, Tim - Ligand Design in Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry, ebook

Ligand Design in Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry

Storr, Tim


Increasing the potency of therapeutic compounds, while limiting side-effects, is a common goal in medicinal chemistry. Ligands that effectively bind metal ions and also include specific features to enhance targeting, reporting, and overall efficacy are driving innovation in areas of disease

Hammerich, Ole - Bioinorganic Electrochemistry, ebook

Bioinorganic Electrochemistry

Hammerich, Ole


Table of contents
1. Electron Tunneling Through Iron and Copper Proteins
Jay R. Winkler, Alexander R. Dunn, Corinna R. Hess, Harry B. Gray
2. The Respiratory Enzyme as An Electrochemical Energy Transducer
Mårten Wikström
3. Reconstituted…

Culotta, Valeria - Metals in Cells, ebook

Metals in Cells

Culotta, Valeria

From 264,50€

As a result many structures of biomolecules with metals have been characterized and medicinal chemistry studied the effects of metal containing drugs.
This new book (from the EIBC Book Series) covers recent advances made by top researchers in the field of metals