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Ch?ze, Laurence - Kinematic Analysis of Human Movement, ebook

Kinematic Analysis of Human Movement

Ch?ze, Laurence


After a quick survey of the famous pioneers of human movement analysis and the actual needs in different domains, this book presents the main types of systems available on the market (with the pros and cons), and then details the most widely used: the…

Khanal, Samir Kumar - Bioenergy: Principles and Applications, ebook

Bioenergy: Principles and Applications

Khanal, Samir Kumar


With the growing interest in bioenergy development and production there has been increasing demand for a broad ranging introductory text in the field. Bioenergy: Principles and Practices provides an invaluable introduction to the

Hou, C. T. - Biocatalysis and Bioenergy, ebook

Biocatalysis and Bioenergy

Hou, C. T.


An up-to-date overview of diverse findings and accomplishments in biocatalysis and bioenergy

With the high price of petroleum and researchers worldwide seeking new means of producing energy, this comprehensive book on biocatalysis for bioenergy and biofuel applications is

Seifert, Thomas - Bioenergy from Wood, ebook

Bioenergy from Wood

Seifert, Thomas


Table of contents
1. Biomass from Wood in the Tropics
Thomas Seifert, Pierre Ackerman, Paxie W. Chirwa, Clemens Doderer, Ben Toit, Johann Görgens, Cori Ham, Anton Kunneke, Martina Meincken
2. Localisation of Biomass Potentials
Anton Kunneke, Jan Aardt, Wesley Roberts, Thomas Seifert
3. Modelling and Simulation

Bryant, John A. - Biofuels and Bioenergy, ebook

Biofuels and Bioenergy

Bryant, John A.


Biofuels and Bioenergy presents a broad, wide-ranging and informative treatment of biofuels. The book covers historical, economic, industrial, sociological and ecological/environmental perspectives as well as dealing with all the major scientific issues associated

Kellomäki, Seppo - Forest BioEnergy Production, ebook

Forest BioEnergy Production

Kellomäki, Seppo


Tree Species, Genetics and Regeneration for Bioenergy Feedstock in Northern Europe
Lars Rytter, Karin Johansson, Bo Karlsson, Lars-Göran Stener
3. Short-rotation Forestry for Supplying Biomass for Energy Production
Hardi Tullus, Arvo Tullus, Lars Rytter