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Hurwitz, Judith - Big Data For Dummies, ebook

Big Data For Dummies

Hurwitz, Judith


Find the right big data solution for your business or organization
Big data management is one of the major challenges facing business, industry, and not-for-profit organizations. Data sets such as customer transactions

Estrada, Raul - Big Data SMACK, ebook

Big Data SMACK

Estrada, Raul


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction
1. Big Data, Big Challenges
Raul Estrada, Isaac Ruiz
2. Big Data, Big Solutions
Raul Estrada, Isaac Ruiz
Part II. Playing SMACK
3. The Language: Scala
Raul Estrada, Isaac Ruiz
4. The Model: Akka
Raul Estrada, Isaac Ruiz
5. Storage: Apache Cassandra

Fasel, Daniel - Big Data, ebook

Big Data

Fasel, Daniel


Erweiterung des Data Warehouse um Hadoop, NoSQL & Co
Stefan Müller
8. Impala: Eine moderne, quellen-offene SQL Engine für Hadoop
Marcel Kornacker, Alexander Behm, Victor Bittorf, Taras Bobrovytsky, Casey Ching, Alan Choi, Justin Erickson, Martin

Pal, Sumit - SQL on Big Data, ebook

SQL on Big Data

Pal, Sumit


SQL-on-Big-Data Challenges & Solutions
Sumit Pal
3. Batch SQL—Architecture
Sumit Pal
4. Interactive SQL—Architecture
Sumit Pal
5. SQL for Streaming, Semi-Structured, and Operational Analytics