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Bragg, Steven M. - Accounting Best Practices, ebook

Accounting Best Practices

Bragg, Steven M.

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—Jason Charet, CPA
"I've used Steve Bragg's Accounting Best Practices books for years as a source of ideas for improvement. Like previous editions, this edition has a number of new, actionable best

Bragg, Steven M. - Inventory Best Practices, ebook

Inventory Best Practices

Bragg, Steven M.


The latest and most important information for best practices in the inventory function
Inventory Best Practices, Second Edition offers the latest and most important information

Schaeffer, Mary S. - Accounts Payable Best Practices, ebook

Accounts Payable Best Practices

Schaeffer, Mary S.


Have you ever wondered where your processes stand against industry leaders or how you can take your services and organizational procedures to state of the art levels? Are you frustrated because you don't think you have the finanical or human resources needed to employ 'best' practices?

Roehl-Anderson, Janice M. - M&A Information Technology Best Practices, ebook

M&A Information Technology Best Practices

Roehl-Anderson, Janice M.


Add value to your organization via the mergers & acquisitions IT function 
As part of Deloitte Consulting, one of the largest mergers and acquisitions (M&A) consulting practice in the world, author Janice Roehl-Anderson reveals in M&A Information Technology Best

Bragg, Steven M. - Accounting Control Best Practices, ebook

Accounting Control Best Practices

Bragg, Steven M.


Praise for Accounting Control Best Practices, Second Edition
"A comprehensive, well-organized reference manual that is perfect for managers and auditors of public and private companies. Whether you wish to comply with the rigors of the Sarbanes-Oxley

Blanchard, David - Supply Chain Management Best Practices, ebook

Supply Chain Management Best Practices

Blanchard, David


Learn what it takes to develop and have a "best-in-class" supply chain
This new edition shows you how to build supply chains that work by illustrating how leading companies are doing it. Identifying world-class supply chains in more than a dozen different industries and explaining in