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Lednicer, Daniel - Steroid Chemistry At A Glance, ebook

Steroid Chemistry At A Glance

Lednicer, Daniel


The development of these drugs has led to a large body of organic chemistry often denoted as "Steroid Chemistry".
Steroid Chemistry At A Glance provides a concise overview of the main principles and reactions of steroid chemistry.

Adney, William S. - Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals, ebook

Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals

Adney, William S.


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Session 1A: Feedstock Genomics and Development
Wilfred Vermerris
2. High-resolution Thermogravimetric Analysis For Rapid Characterization of Biomass Composition and Selection of Shrub Willow Varieties
Michelle J. Serapiglia, Kimberly D. Cameron, Arthur J. Stipanovic, Lawrence

Abdel-Kader, Mahmoud H. - Photodynamic Therapy, ebook

Photodynamic Therapy

Abdel-Kader, Mahmoud H.


Photodynamic Diagnosis and Therapy for Brain Malignancies from the Bench to Clinical Application
Herwig Kostron
9. Photodynamic Therapy for Thoracic Oncology
Keyvan Moghissi, Ron R. Allison
10. Photodynamic Therapy for Polypoidal Choroidal Vasculopathy