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Hunt, Kate - New Perspectives on Prison Masculinities, ebook

New Perspectives on Prison Masculinities

Hunt, Kate


Table of contents
1. Introduction: New Perspectives on Prison Masculinities
Matthew Maycock
2. Work, Intimacy and Prisoner Masculinities
Martha Morey, Ben Crewe
3. Being Inside: Masculine Imaginaries, Prison Interiors
Rod Earle
4. “They’re All Up in the Gym and All That, Tops Off, Fake Tan.”

Tyers, Ben - GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges, ebook

GameMaker: Studio 100 Programming Challenges

Tyers, Ben


Table of contents
1. Maths Bar Graph
Ben Tyers
2. Draggable and Movable Object
Ben Tyers
3. Room Fade In and Out Transition
Ben Tyers
4. Typewriter Text Effect
Ben Tyers
5. Audio Volume Change Based on Distance
Ben Tyers
6. Move Object to Position Using Path
Ben Tyers
7. Make

Langley, Michelle C. - Osseous Projectile Weaponry, ebook

Osseous Projectile Weaponry

Langley, Michelle C.


Spanish Aurignacian Projectile Points: An Example of the First European Paleolithic Hunting Weapons in Osseous Materials
José-Miguel Tejero
6. Projectile Weaponry from the Aurignacian to the Gravettian of the Swabian Jura (Southwest Germany): Raw Materials,

Barichard, Vincent - Multiobjective Programming and Goal Programming, ebook

Multiobjective Programming and Goal Programming

Barichard, Vincent


An Experimental Investigation of the Optimal Selection Problem with Two Decision Makers
Fouad Ben Abdelaziz, Saoussen Krichen
18. Solving a Fuzzy Multiobjective Linear Programming Problem Through the Value and the Ambiguity of Fuzzy Numbers
Mariano Jiménez,

Allen, John F. - Photosynthesis. Energy from the Sun, ebook

Photosynthesis. Energy from the Sun

Allen, John F.


Molecular Basis of Antenna System Adaptation in a Chl d-Containing Organism
Min Chen, Kathy Donohoe, Ben Crossett, Martin Schliep, Tony Larkum
55. Structural Assessment of the Bacteriochlorophyll d Stacking in Chlorosomes from a C. tepidum Mutant with MAS NMR