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Szyszka, Adam - Behavioral Finance and Capital Markets, ebook

Behavioral Finance and Capital Markets

Szyszka, Adam


Behavioral Corporate Finance
8. Rational Corporations in Irrational Markets
Adam Szyszka
9. Managerial Biases in Corporate Policy
Adam Szyszka
10. Managerial Practice
Adam Szyszka
11. Heuristics and Biases among Corporate Managers

Altman, Morris - Behavioral Economics For Dummies, ebook

Behavioral Economics For Dummies

Altman, Morris


The field of behavioral economics sheds light on the many subtle and not-so-subtle factors that contribute to our financial and purchasing choices. And in Behavioral Economics For Dummies, readers will learn how social and psychological

Cortés, Alfons - Cognitive Finance, ebook

Cognitive Finance

Cortés, Alfons


Der nächste Schritt – „Cognitive Finance“ als neues Konzept
Heinz-Werner Rapp, Alfons Cortés
7. Fazit und Ausblick
Heinz-Werner Rapp, Alfons Cortés