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Falus, Andras - Clinical Applications of Immunomics, ebook

Clinical Applications of Immunomics

Falus, Andras


The Live Basophil Allergen Array (LBAA): A Pilot Study
Franco H. Falcone, Jing Lin, Neil Renault, Helmut Haas, Gabi Schramm, Bernhard F. Gibbs, Marcos J.C. Alcocer
10. Emerging Therapies for the Treatment of Autoimmune Myasthenia Gravis
Kalliopi Kostelidou,

Pawankar, Ruby - Allergy Frontiers: Diagnosis and Health Economics, ebook

Allergy Frontiers: Diagnosis and Health Economics

Pawankar, Ruby


Table of contents
I. Diagnosis and DD of Allergic Diseases
1. History of Allergy
Alan Edwards
2. Allergy Diagnosis
Pascal Demoly, Francesco Gaeta, Jean Bousquet, Antonino Romano
3. Nasal and Bronchial Provocation Tests
Donald W. Cockcroft, Beth E. Davis, John K. Reid
4. Nasal and Bronchial Nonallergic

Massoud, Ahmad - Immunology of Aging, ebook

Immunology of Aging

Massoud, Ahmad


Table of contents
1. An Introduction on the Old Age and the Aging of the Immune System
Mohamad Bagher Eslami
2. The Immune System, a Marker and Modulator of the Rate of Aging
Monica Fuente
3. Age-Associated Alterations of Pleiotropic Stem Cell and the Therapeutic Implication of Stem Cell Therapy in Aging