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Smith, Verna - Bargaining Power, ebook

Bargaining Power

Smith, Verna


Table of contents
1. A Tale of Two Countries
Verna Smith
2. Analysing Public Policy: Does Kingdon’s Multiple Streams Framework Help?
Verna Smith
3. A Comparison of the English and New Zealand General Practice Sub-Systems

Korth, Christian - Fairness in Bargaining and Markets, ebook

Fairness in Bargaining and Markets

Korth, Christian


Table of contents
1. Bargaining Theory
Christian Korth
2. Game Theory and Fairness Preferences
Christian Korth
3. Reciprocity—An Indirect Evolutionary Analysis
Christian Korth
4. Fairness Norms in Ultimatum Exchanges
Christian Korth
5. Fairness, Price Stickiness, and History Dependence in

Berz, Gregor - Game Theory Bargaining and Auction Strategies, ebook

Game Theory Bargaining and Auction Strategies

Berz, Gregor


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gregor Berz
Part I. Negotiation and Auction Forms
2. Bilateral Negotiations
Gregor Berz
3. Auctions
Gregor Berz
4. Negotiations for Several Objects
Gregor Berz
Part II. Rational Negotiation Strategies
5. Basic Principles of Game and Bargaining Theory

Ullian, Robert - Frommer's Israel, ebook

Frommer's Israel

Ullian, Robert


Provides valuable insights into Israel's culture and the region's historic and religious sitesExplore the ancient and holy sites of Jerusalem, the silent majesty of the desert, the beach resorts of Tel-Aviv, and much moreDetailed practical tips on dining etiquette, bargaining, communicating

Tong, Yilun - Parse of China, ebook

Parse of China

Tong, Yilun


The Bargaining Context of General Institution Reform
Yilun Tong
7. The Bargaining Context of China Institution Reform
Yilun Tong
8. Bargaining Equilibrium of Institutional Reform
Yilun Tong
9. Practice Explanations