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Sibley, L. David - Evolution of Virulence in Eukaryotic Microbes, ebook

Evolution of Virulence in Eukaryotic Microbes

Sibley, L. David


A unique and timely review of the emergence of eukaryotic virulence in fungi, oomycetes, and protozoa, as they affect both animals and plants
Evolution of Virulence in Eukaryotic Microbes addresses new developments in defining the molecular basis of…

Campana, Giampaolo - Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2017, ebook

Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2017

Campana, Giampaolo


Table of contents
1. Leverage of Industrial Engineering Education for Sustainable Manufacturing
Pinar Bilge, Soner Emec, Günther Seliger
2. Forging New Frontiers in Sustainable Food Manufacturing
Shahin Rahimifard, Elliot Woolley, D. Patrick Webb, Guillermo Garcia-Garcia, Jamie Stone, Aicha Jellil, Pedro Gimenez-Escalante,

Czarnowski, Ireneusz - Intelligent Decision Technologies 2017, ebook

Intelligent Decision Technologies 2017

Czarnowski, Ireneusz


Digital Enterprise Architecture Management in Tourism – State of the Art and Future Directions
Rainer Schmidt, Michael Möhring, Barbara Keller, Alfred Zimmermann, Martina Toni, Laura Pietro
10. Building Fuzzy Variance Gamma Option Pricing Models with Jump

Howlett, Robert J. - Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2016, ebook

Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2016

Howlett, Robert J.


Table of contents
Part I. General Track 1: Sustainable Design, Innovation and Services
1. A New CAD Integrated Application to Support Designers and Increase Design Sustainability
Giampaolo Campana, Mattia Mele, Barbara Cimatti
2. A Conflict Analysis and Resolution Method Based on Integrating the Extension and TRIZ

Caballero, Alfonso Mateos - Intelligent Decision Technologies 2016, ebook

Intelligent Decision Technologies 2016

Caballero, Alfonso Mateos


Automatic Categorization of Email into Folders by Ant Colony Decision Tree and Social Networks
Urszula Boryczka, Barbara Probierz, Jan Kozak
8. Using Dissimilarity Matrix for Eye Movement Biometrics with a Jumping Point Experiment
Pawel Kasprowski, Katarzyna

Chen, Yen-Wei - Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare 2017, ebook

Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare 2017

Chen, Yen-Wei


Moore, Barbara L. Bass, Marc Garbey
28. Applications for Mobile Devices and Methodologies for the Disorder Autism
Arnulfo Alanis Garza, Bogart Yail Marquez Lobato, José Sergio Magdaleno Palencia, Maryuri Jacquelyne Chavez Duarte, Margarita Ramírez Ramirez

Phillips-Wren, Gloria - Advances in Intelligent Decision Technologies, ebook

Advances in Intelligent Decision Technologies

Phillips-Wren, Gloria


Table of contents
I.. Keynote Papers
1. Intelligence Analysis as Agent-Assisted Discovery of Evidence, Hypotheses and Arguments
Gheorghe Tecuci, David Schum, Mihai Boicu, Dorin Marcu, Benjamin Hamilton
2. Intelligent Software for Ecological Building Design
Jens Pohl, Hisham Assal, Kym Jason Pohl
II.. Decision