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Ratner, Ian - Business Valuation and Bankruptcy, ebook

Business Valuation and Bankruptcy

Ratner, Ian


An essential guide to business valuation and bankruptcy
Business Valuation and Bankruptcy helps you-whether you are an accountant dealing with a troubled company, a lender, an investor, a bankruptcy and restructuring lawyer/financial advisor,

Liquerman, Robert - Bankruptcy and Insolvency Taxation, ebook

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Taxation

Liquerman, Robert


Consequently, bankruptcy protection is now viewed as a strategic move to protect corporations from their creditors and allow them to reorganize. Fully revised and updated with new case studies and the latest coverage of regulations, Bankruptcy

Caher, James P. - Personal Bankruptcy Laws For Dummies, ebook

Personal Bankruptcy Laws For Dummies

Caher, James P.

From 20,00€

With tips on understanding -- and surviving -- the new bankruptcy laws

If you're considering bankruptcy, you need straightforward answers and reliable advice. This handy guide covers it all -- so you can get your finances in line and your life back on track. This updated new

 - Banking Law and Practice, ebook

Banking Law and Practice


Modern banking is regulated by a sophisticated set of laws and regulations that are constantly evolving. Banking Law and Practice from the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers outlines and explains these laws