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Ratner, Ian - Business Valuation and Bankruptcy, ebook

Business Valuation and Bankruptcy

Ratner, Ian


An essential guide to business valuation and bankruptcy
Business Valuation and Bankruptcy helps you-whether you are an accountant dealing with a troubled company, a lender, an investor, a bankruptcy and restructuring lawyer/financial advisor,

Newton, Grant W. - Bankruptcy and Insolvency Accounting, Volume 2, ebook

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Accounting, Volume 2

Newton, Grant W.


With the rise in the number of mergers and acquisitions taking place in today's business environment, there will undoubtedly be a rise in the number of bankruptcies. Completely updated, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Accounting, Seventh Edition, Volume 2

Liquerman, Robert - Bankruptcy and Insolvency Taxation, ebook

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Taxation

Liquerman, Robert


Consequently, bankruptcy protection is now viewed as a strategic move to protect corporations from their creditors and allow them to reorganize. Bankruptcy and Insolvency Taxation, Third Edition provides the answers to the questions

Martin, Nathalie - J.K. Lasser's The New Bankruptcy Law and You, ebook

J.K. Lasser's The New Bankruptcy Law and You

Martin, Nathalie


A comprehensive guide to the new bankruptcy law--and what it means for you
Sweeping changes to U.S. bankruptcy law--the first major changes to the law in twenty- seven years--are occurring right now. If you're unfamiliar with the new bankruptcy

Wright, Elizabeth - From Fancy Pants to Getting There, ebook

From Fancy Pants to Getting There

Wright, Elizabeth


At fifty-two, and menopausal, she was reduced to being a single mum on benefits with the stigma of bankruptcy. Left with just a negative equity house harnessed to a hefty mortgage, she had to face an impoverished lifestyle along with a succession of jobs which either

Caher, James P. - Personal Bankruptcy Laws For Dummies, ebook

Personal Bankruptcy Laws For Dummies

Caher, James P.


With tips on understanding -- and surviving -- the new bankruptcy laws
If you're considering bankruptcy, you need straightforward answers and reliable advice. This handy guide covers it all -- so you can get your finances in line and your life back on track. This updated new edition