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Partida, Alberto - IT Security Management, ebook

IT Security Management

Partida, Alberto


Table of contents
1. Vulnerabilities, Threats and Risks in IT
Alberto Partida, Diego Andina
2. Security and IT Background
Alberto Partida, Diego Andina
3. The Team–Individual Contract
Alberto Partida, Diego Andina
4. What to Do: The IT Security Roadmap
Alberto Partida, Diego Andina
5. How

Hammarberg, Karin - IVF and Beyond For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, ebook

IVF and Beyond For Dummies®

Hammarberg, Karin


A guide to the medical, emotional, legal and financial aspects of IVF and life after treatment
Are you trying for a baby but suspect you may have an infertility problem and need IVF to conceive? IVF & Beyond For Dummies gives you clear advice on the causes of infertility, getting

MBE, Jill Allen-King - Just Jill, ebook

Just Jill

MBE, Jill Allen-King


When she was growing up during the 1940s very few people were aware that Jill Allen-King had lost an eye as a baby. However, when tragedy struck for the second time and Jill went completely blind on, what should have been, one of the happiest occasions of her life

Malyon, Mike - Seems Like a Nice Boy, ebook

Seems Like a Nice Boy

Malyon, Mike


This biography details Larry’s early life, how he was handed over as a baby to a miner's family in mysterious circumstances and brought up by his beloved foster sister, Flo, who was to become his lifelong companion. As a boy, encouraged by Flo, Larry would perform