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Robinson, Daniel - The Poetry of Mary Robinson, ebook

The Poetry of Mary Robinson

Robinson, Daniel


Bell’s Laureates I: Robinson’s Avatars and the Della Crusca Network
Daniel Robinson
3. Bell’s Laureates II: … So Goes the World
Daniel Robinson
4. The English Sappho and the Legitimate Sonnet
Daniel Robinson
5. Stuart’s Laureates I:

Moinuddin, Shekh - Mediascape and The State, ebook

Mediascape and The State

Moinuddin, Shekh


From National to Regional: Development and Governance as the New Avatars of Uttar Pradesh Heartland Politics
Shekh Moinuddin
7. Post Script
Shekh Moinuddin

Cunha, Paulo Ferreira da - Rethinking Natural Law, ebook

Rethinking Natural Law

Cunha, Paulo Ferreira da


Table of contents
1. Goethe’s Swan
Paulo Ferreira da Cunha
2. The Contributions of the Paradigm “Natural Law”
Paulo Ferreira da Cunha
3. Sterility of Natural Law Theoricism
Paulo Ferreira da Cunha
4. From the Side of Positivism
Paulo Ferreira da Cunha
5. Contemporary Natural Law Dialogues

Lee, Philip - Global and Local Televangelism, ebook

Global and Local Televangelism

Lee, Philip


The Avatars of Baba Ramdev: The Politics, Economics, and Contradictions of an Indian Televangelist
Santanu Chakrabarti
Part IV. Televangelism, Politics, and Popular Culture
9. From Televisuality to Social Activism: Nigerian Televangelists and Their Socio-Political

Childs, Mark - Understanding Learning in Virtual Worlds, ebook

Understanding Learning in Virtual Worlds

Childs, Mark


Table of contents
1. An Alternative (to) Reality
Derek Jones
2. Guidelines for Conducting Text Based Interviews in Virtual Worlds
Carina Girvan, Timothy Savage
3. Designing for Hybrid Learning Environments in a Science Museum: Inter-professional Conceptualisations of Space
Alfredo Jornet, Cecilie Flo

Basu, Anustup - Figurations in Indian Film, ebook

Figurations in Indian Film

Basu, Anustup


Between Violetta and Vasantasena Is Toulouse-Lautrec: Cinematic Avatars and Bollywood in Moulin Rouge!
Kirsten Strayer
14. Afterword
Meheli Sen, Anustup Basu

Annetta, Leonard - Serious Educational Game Assessment, ebook

Serious Educational Game Assessment

Annetta, Leonard


Table of contents
1. Assessing Gaming, Computer and Scientific Inquiry Self-Efficacy in a Virtual Environment
Diane Jass Ketelhut
2. Self-Regulation Within Game-Based Learning Environments
John Nietfeld, Lucy R. Shores
3. The Wild West of Assessment
Christopher J. Ferguson
4. Diagrammatic Inquiry

Henley, A.J. - Java EE Web Application Primer, ebook

Java EE Web Application Primer

Henley, A.J.


Table of contents
1. Getting Started
Dave Wolf, A. J. Henley
2. What Is a Database?
Dave Wolf, A. J. Henley
3. Installing and Running Eclipse
Dave Wolf, A. J. Henley
4. Bullhorn Site Overview
Dave Wolf, A. J. Henley
5. What Is MVC?
Dave Wolf, A. J. Henley
6. Creating a Web Application

Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia - Handbook of Virtual Humans, ebook

Handbook of Virtual Humans

Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia


Explains the concept of avatars and autonomous virtual actors and the main techniques to create and animate them (body and face). Presents the concepts of behavioural animation, crowd simulation, intercommunication between virtual humans, and interaction between real