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Trollope, Anthony - Anthony Trollope - An Autobiography, ebook

Anthony Trollope - An Autobiography

Trollope, Anthony


The fascinating autobiography of one of the Victorian era’s greatest authors. Anthony Trollope is loved by many around the world, and many celebrities have cited him as one of their favourite authors, including former British Prime Minister Sir John Major, and legendary thespian Sir Alec

Goddard, Liza - The Autobiography of Liza Goddard, ebook

The Autobiography of Liza Goddard

Goddard, Liza


In this much-anticipated autobiography, Liza talks about her work, her loves and the real-life dramas that have shaped her as a woman and an actress. The book charts her early life in England and follows her to Australia, where her beloved father played a key role

Harte, Liam - Modern Irish Autobiography, ebook

Modern Irish Autobiography

Harte, Liam


Introduction: Autobiography and the Irish Cultural Moment
Liam Harte
2. ‘With a Heroic Life and a Governing Mind’: Nineteenth-Century Irish Nationalist Autobiography
Sean Ryder
3. Creating the Self, Recreating the Nation: The Politics of Irish Literary

Darwin, Charles - The Autobiography of Charles Darwin, ebook

The Autobiography of Charles Darwin

Darwin, Charles


The autobiography of one of the most influential people of the modern age. This was taken from writings and letters that Darwin wrote for his family, edited by his son Francis Darwin, and published posthumously.

Majeed, Javed - Autobiography, Travel and Postnational Identity, ebook

Autobiography, Travel and Postnational Identity

Majeed, Javed


Nationalism’s Travelling Autobiographies and Indian Travelogues
Javed Majeed
4. Travel and Modernity
Javed Majeed
5. A Strange and Uncharted Land
Javed Majeed
6. The Aporia of Muslim Nationalism
Javed Majeed
7. Gandhi’s Vulnerability

Hua, Zhang - Autobiography and Teacher Development in China, ebook

Autobiography and Teacher Development in China

Hua, Zhang


Table of contents
1. Introduction
William F. Pinar
2. On Teacher Development
Zhang Hua
3. Teacher Research and Learning: New Patterns and Challenges
Zhong Qiquan
4. Curriculum and Teaching in Recent Curriculum Policies in Brazil
Elizabeth Macedo
5. Philosophy for Children in China: Teacher

Massaquoi, Fatima - The Autobiography of an African Princess, ebook

The Autobiography of an African Princess

Massaquoi, Fatima


Table of contents
1. My Birthplace, Ethnicity, and Parents
Fatima Massaquoi, Vivian Seton, Konrad Tuchscherer, Arthur Abraham
2. My Birth, and Customs about Childbirth in the Gallinas Country
Fatima Massaquoi, Vivian Seton, Konrad Tuchscherer,…