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Gruman, en - iBooks Author For Dummies, ebook

iBooks Author For Dummies

Gruman, en


Design and create your own e-book using the groundbreaking iBooks Author app
With Apple's iBooks Author app, you can create rich, interactive books for use on the iPad, and this new For Dummies handy portable guide shows you just how to do it. Whether you want to create textbooks, training

Lumb, Thomas Wallace - Authors of Greece, ebook

Authors of Greece

Lumb, Thomas Wallace


A fantastic look at the great Ancient Greek authors. Covers Homer, Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, Herodotus, Thucydides, Plato and Demosthenes.

Sidiropoulou, Avra - Authoring Performance, ebook

Authoring Performance

Sidiropoulou, Avra


Table of contents
1. Introduction Auteurism: New Theatre for Brave New Worlds
Avra Sidiropoulou
2. The Rise of the Modern Auteur
Avra Sidiropoulou
3. Enter Artaud
Avra Sidiropoulou
4. Beckett’s Turbulence
Avra Sidiropoulou

Tomlinson, Barbara - Authors on Writing, ebook

Authors on Writing

Tomlinson, Barbara


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Barbara Tomlinson
Part I. Metaphor and Cultures of Composing
2. Composing and Metaphoricity
Barbara Tomlinson
3. Multiple Truths and Metaphorical Models
Barbara Tomlinson
4. Metaphorics of…

Browning, Mark - David Cronenberg: Author or Film-maker?, ebook

David Cronenberg: Author or Film-maker?

Browning, Mark


This book is only the second single-authored study on Cronenberg and as well as containing the first detailed analysis of eXistenZ (1999) Spider (2003) and A History of Violence (2005), it is the first to explore how understanding certain written texts, from both underground

Knowles, Sam - Travel Writing and the Transnational Author, ebook

Travel Writing and the Transnational Author

Knowles, Sam


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Travel Writing and Transnationalism
Sam Knowles
Part I. Travelling Out
2. Michael Ondaatje: The ‘Prodigal-Foreigner’, Reconstruction, and Transnational Boundaries
Sam Knowles
3. Vikram Seth:…

Pykett, Lyn - Wilkie Collins (Authors in Context), ebook

Wilkie Collins (Authors in Context)

Pykett, Lyn


Wilkie Collins is mainly remembered for his best-selling sensation novel The Woman in White and his detective mystery The Moonstone, both published in the 1860s. However, in a literary career spanning almost forty years he wrote many other works, and…

Fitzpatrick, James - Titanic, ebook


Fitzpatrick, James


The poem is written in a new format ‘Triplicism’ developed by the author, James Fitzpatrick, in which the main story or event is layered with contrasting concepts. The book also contains a thought-provoking selection of other beautifully crafted poems by the