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Schäfer, Armin - Politics in the Age of Austerity, ebook

Politics in the Age of Austerity

Schäfer, Armin


In a world of increasing austerity measures, democratic politics comes under pressure. With the need to consolidate budgets and to accommodate financial markets, the responsiveness of governments to voters declines. However, democracy depends on choice. Citizens must be able to influence

Burton, Michael - The Politics of Austerity, ebook

The Politics of Austerity

Burton, Michael


The Politics of Austerity: A Recent History
Michael Burton
Part I. Austerity in the UK
2. The Rise of Public Spending
Michael Burton
3. The Party’s Over
Michael Burton
4. The End of Consensus
Michael Burton
5. From Boom to Bust

Bramall, Rebecca - The Cultural Politics of Austerity, ebook

The Cultural Politics of Austerity

Bramall, Rebecca


On Being ‘Inside’ Austerity: Austerity Chic, Consumer Culture, and Anti-austerity Protest
Rebecca Bramall
3. The Past in the Present: History, Memory, Ideology, and Discourse
Rebecca Bramall
4. Dig for Victory!

Cammaerts, Bart - The Circulation of Anti-Austerity Protest, ebook

The Circulation of Anti-Austerity Protest

Cammaerts, Bart


The Production of Anti-Austerity Discourses and Frames
Bart Cammaerts
4. The Self-Mediation Practices of the Anti-Austerity Movement
Bart Cammaerts
5. The Media Representation of the Anti-Austerity Movement
Bart Cammaerts
6. The Reception of

Fraccaroli, Nicolò - Austerity vs Stimulus, ebook

Austerity vs Stimulus

Fraccaroli, Nicolò


Austerity vs Stimulus in the UK
11. Austerity for the UK
Robert Skidelsky, Nicolò Fraccaroli
12. Stimulus for the UK
Robert Skidelsky, Nicolò Fraccaroli
13. “Keynesian Austerity”
Robert Skidelsky, Nicolò Fraccaroli
14. Britain’s

Kelly, Peter - Neo-Liberalism and Austerity, ebook

Neo-Liberalism and Austerity

Kelly, Peter


Young People, Austerity and the Moral Geographies of Disadvantage
12. 11 Morality, Austerity and the Complexities of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services for Young People in South Africa
Kelley Moult, Alexandra Müller

Atkinson, Will - Class Inequality in Austerity Britain, ebook

Class Inequality in Austerity Britain

Atkinson, Will


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A Critical Sociology of the Age of Austerity
Will Atkinson, Steven Roberts, Mike Savage
2. Economic Crisis and Classed Everyday Life: Hysteresis, Positional Suffering and Symbolic Violence
Will Atkinson

Cappuccini, Monia - Austerity & Democracy in Athens, ebook

Austerity & Democracy in Athens

Cappuccini, Monia


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Monia Cappuccini
2. Stepping into Exarchia
Monia Cappuccini
3. The Dictatorship Did Not End in 1973
Monia Cappuccini
4. This Is Not a Myth
Monia Cappuccini
5. Number Thirteen