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Geroimenko, Vladimir - Augmented Reality Art, ebook

Augmented Reality Art

Geroimenko, Vladimir


Emerging Augmented Reality Technology and the Birth of Augmented Reality Art
1. Augmented Reality Activism
Mark Skwarek
2. Critical Interventions into Canonical Spaces: Augmented

Peddie, Jon - Augmented Reality, ebook

Augmented Reality

Peddie, Jon


Overview of Augmented Reality System Organization
Jon Peddie
5. Historical Overview
Jon Peddie
6. Key Applications
Jon Peddie
7. Software Tools and Technologies
Jon Peddie
8. Technology Issues

Tönnis, Marcus - Augmented Reality, ebook

Augmented Reality

Tönnis, Marcus


Table of contents
1. Einführung in die Augmented Reality
Marcus Tönnis
2. Darstellung virtueller Objekte
Marcus Tönnis
3. Tracking
Marcus Tönnis
4. Eingabe und Interaktion
Marcus Tönnis
5. Anwendungen und Erfahrungen
Marcus Tönnis
6. Ausblicke
Marcus Tönnis
7. Fazit

Ma, Dengzhe - Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality in Industry, ebook

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality in Industry

Ma, Dengzhe


Instantreality — A Framework for Industrial Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications
Johannes Behr, Ulrich Bockholt, Dieter Fellner
6. Interactive Simulation Data Exploration in Virtual Environments
Marc Wolter, Thomas Beer, Philippe Cerfontaine, Bernd

Roche, Kyle - Pro iOS 5 Augmented Reality, ebook

Pro iOS 5 Augmented Reality

Roche, Kyle


Third-Party Augmented Reality Toolkits
Kyle Roche
10. Building a Marker-Based AR Application with OpenGL ES
Kyle Roche
11. Building a Social AR Application
Kyle Roche
12. Facial-Recognition Techniques