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Gulyas, Aaron John - The Chaos Conundrum, ebook

The Chaos Conundrum

Gulyas, Aaron John


In "The Chaos Conundrum," historian Aaron John Gulyas examines how the paranormal has intersected and influenced our culture in myriad ways, from the conspiracy beliefs of William Cooper and Exopolitics to the challenge that the stories of Gray Barker…

Blouin, Michael J. - Japan and the Cosmopolitan Gothic, ebook

Japan and the Cosmopolitan Gothic

Blouin, Michael J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Michael J. Blouin
2. Ghosts and Spirits in Early Japanology
Michael J. Blouin
3. Ghostly Maidens in Sidney McCall’s Fiction
Michael J. Blouin
4. Japonisme and the Female Gothic
Michael J. Blouin
5. Nuclear Criticism and a Deferred Reading of the Toho Terror