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Atkins, G. Douglas - Reading T.S. Eliot, ebook

Reading T.S. Eliot

Atkins, G. Douglas


Table of contents
1. Criticism and the Enigma of Arrival
G. Douglas Atkins
2. The Pattern Refined
G. Douglas Atkins
3. Ash Wednesday: Six Poems
G. Douglas Atkins
4. Magister, Magus, and “The Shadow”
G. Douglas Atkins
5. “Looking Into the Heart of Light” and Meeting the Dead

Bignell, Jonathan - British Television Drama, ebook

British Television Drama

Bignell, Jonathan


‘Ah! Our very own Juliet Bravo, or is it Jill Gascoine?’ Ashes to Ashes and Representations of Gender
Ben Lamb
20. Power Plays: Gender, Genre and Lynda La Plante
Julia Hallam
21. Conclusion
Jonathan Bignell,