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Taylor, Miles - The Age of Asa, ebook

The Age of Asa

Taylor, Miles


Introduction: Asa Briggs and Public Life in Britain since 1945
Miles Taylor
Part I. History
2. The Interconnectedness of Things: Asa Briggs and Social History
Rohan McWilliam
3. A Little Bit of a Victorian?

Berger, Arthur Asa - Media, Myth, and Society, ebook

Media, Myth, and Society

Berger, Arthur Asa


The Myth Model
Arthur Asa Berger
2. The Structure of Myth
Arthur Asa Berger
3. A Sociological Analysis of Myth
Arthur Asa Berger
4. Psychoanalytic Approaches to Myth

Berger, Arthur Asa - Applied Discourse Analysis, ebook

Applied Discourse Analysis

Berger, Arthur Asa


Introduction: Li’l Abner and Critical Multimodal Discourse Analysis
Arthur Asa Berger
Part I. Communication
2. Communication: What Objects Tell Us
Arthur Asa Berger
3. Language: Speed Dating

Berger, Arthur Asa - The Objects of Affection, ebook

The Objects of Affection

Berger, Arthur Asa


The Science of Signs
Arthur Asa Berger
2. Consumer Cultures
Arthur Asa Berger
3. Marketing Theory and Semiotics
Arthur Asa Berger
Part II. Semiotic Applications

Asa, Sylvia L. - Pituitary Disorders: Diagnosis and Management, ebook

Pituitary Disorders: Diagnosis and Management

Asa, Sylvia L.

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Do you want to be up to date on the latest concepts of diagnosis and treatment of patients suffering from disorders of the pituitary gland?
Are you looking for an expert guide to the best clinical management?
If so, this is the book for you, providing…

Decker, Kevin S. - Ender's Game and Philosophy: The Logic Gate is Down, ebook

Ender's Game and Philosophy: The Logic Gate is Down

Decker, Kevin S.


Original essays dissect the diverse philosophical questions raised in Card’s best-selling sci-fi classic, winner of the Nebula and Hugo Awards and which has been translated in 29 languagesPublication coincides with planned release of major motion picture adaptation of Ender’s Game starring