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Correia, Fabrice - Around the Tree, ebook

Around the Tree

Correia, Fabrice


Table of contents
1. Relativism, the Open Future, and Propositional Truth
Manuel García-Carpintero
2. Timeless Truth
Andrea Iacona
3. Determinism, the Open Future and Branching Time
Sven Rosenkranz
4. Branching Time and Temporal…

O'Leary, Eleanor - Gestalt Therapy Around the World, ebook

Gestalt Therapy Around the World

O'Leary, Eleanor


The first internationally focused book on gestalt therapy to provide a comprehensive overview of current practice around the world. Features coverage of the history, training, theoretical contributions, and research initiatives relating to gestalt therapy in seventeen countries Points to

Fonda, Alessandro - Playing Around Resonance, ebook

Playing Around Resonance

Fonda, Alessandro


Table of contents
1. Preliminaries on Hilbert Spaces
Alessandro Fonda
2. Operators in Hilbert Spaces
Alessandro Fonda
3. The Semilinear Problem
Alessandro Fonda
4. The Topological Degree
Alessandro Fonda
5. Nonresonance and Topological Degree
Alessandro Fonda
6. Playing Around Resonance

Bonasia, Davide Edoardo - Fractures Around the Knee, ebook

Fractures Around the Knee

Bonasia, Davide Edoardo


Management of the Complications Following Fractures Around the Knee (Infection and Non-union)
Daniele Santoro, Laura Ravera, Corrado Bertolo, Domenico Aloj, Bruno Battiston
11. Management of the Complications Following Fractures Around

Croft, Carla - Letters Around Midnight, ebook

Letters Around Midnight

Croft, Carla


Based in the UK, Letters Around Midnight is a blog relating sexual experiences from a woman’s perspective - but equally open to be read by men. Whether it is an intimate encounter at work, rest or play the tales are guaranteed to set your pulse racing. In this first volume of collected

Dong, Hua - Designing Around People, ebook

Designing Around People

Dong, Hua


Designing the ‘Perfect Day’ Service Around People Living with Dementia
P. A. Rodgers
11. Packaging Openability: A Study Involving Chinese Elders
X. Ma, H. Dong
12. Walking Backwards to Quantify Visual Exclusion
S. D. Waller, J. A. Goodman-Deane,

Chenhall, Richard - Sleep Around the World, ebook

Sleep Around the World

Chenhall, Richard


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Richard Chenhall, Katie Glaskin
2. Sleeping among the Asabano: Surprises in Intimacy and Sociality at the Margins of Consciousness
Roger Ivar Lohmann
3. Embodied Meaning: Sleeping Arrangements in Central…