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Ackema, Peter - Arguments and Agreement, ebook

Arguments and Agreement

Ackema, Peter


This book explores the role of agreement morphology in the morphosyntactic realization of a verb's arguments. It examines the differences and parallels between configurational and nonconfigurational languages, languages that allow pronoun drop only in ... Copying to clipboard regulated

Gratton, Claude - Infinite Regress Arguments, ebook

Infinite Regress Arguments

Gratton, Claude


Table of contents
1. What is an Infinite Regress Argument?
Claude Gratton
2. The Formal and Nonformal Logic of Infinite Concatenating Regresses
Claude Gratton
3. Viciousness
Claude Gratton
4. Circular Definitions, Circular Explanations,…

Parsons, Craig - How to Map Arguments in Political Science, ebook

How to Map Arguments in Political Science

Parsons, Craig


This book's novelties lie in arguments about how to best define these terms. It narrows them into distinct mechanisms, arriving at basic segments of causal logic into which all explanations of action can be broken down. It also makes them compatible, however, such

Preston, Peter - Arguments and Actions in Social Theory, ebook

Arguments and Actions in Social Theory

Preston, Peter


Table of contents
1. The Practical Nature of Social Theorizing
Peter Preston
2. Arguments from Natural Science
Peter Preston
3. Arguments from Language/Understanding
Peter Preston
4. Arguments from Political Community
Peter Preston
5. Language, Tradition and Practice
Peter Preston

Bex, Floris J. - Arguments, Stories and Criminal Evidence, ebook

Arguments, Stories and Criminal Evidence

Bex, Floris J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Floris J. Bex
2. Reasoning with Criminal Evidence
Floris J. Bex
3. Two Approaches to Reasoning with Evidence: Arguments and Stories
Floris J. Bex
4. A Hybrid Theory of Stories and Arguments
Floris J. Bex
5. A Formal Logical Hybrid Theory of Argumentation and

Cohen, Martin - Critical Thinking Skills For Dummies, ebook

Critical Thinking Skills For Dummies

Cohen, Martin


Inside, you'll get hands-on, lively, and fun exercises that you can put to work today to improve your arguments and pin down key issues.
 With this accessible and friendly guide, you'll get plain-English instruction on how to identify other people's assumptions,

Goodridge, Paula - Brilliant Activities for Persuasive Writing, ebook

Brilliant Activities for Persuasive Writing

Goodridge, Paula


Activities range from writing advertisements and job descriptions to looking at two-sided written arguments and debates.The book is divided into four sections, one for each year of Key Stage 2. Lesson plans are accompanied by photocopiable texts and worksheets. Most