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Pearson, Barrie - Serious Money: How to Make and Enjoy It, ebook

Serious Money: How to Make and Enjoy It

Pearson, Barrie


This book has the power to guide, to motivate and to inspire you to become seriously richer and happier, regardless of whether you are in dire financial straights or already wealthy. It has been written to channel your imagination and to galvanize you into action so that inevitably you will

Annetta, Leonard - Serious Educational Game Assessment, ebook

Serious Educational Game Assessment

Annetta, Leonard


Assessing Serious Educational Games
Leonard A. Annetta, Richard Lamb, Marcus Stone
6. Game Assesement using the E/E Grid
Ricardo Javier Rademacher Mena
7. Assessment Using After-action Review
Randy Brown
8. Usability and Play Testing

Forbes, Miranda - Seriously Sexy 3, ebook

Seriously Sexy 3

Forbes, Miranda


More wicked delights are waiting to be discovered! Editor Miranda Forbes has chosen twenty red hot short stories from the sexiest erotic writers around - they are certain to satisfy. Stories include: Picking The Man, Captive Dove, Wash And Blow Job,…

Davidson, Lee - Serious Leisure and Nature, ebook

Serious Leisure and Nature

Davidson, Lee


Table of contents
1. Nature Challenge Activities
Lee Davidson, Robert A. Stebbins
2. Air
Lee Davidson, Robert A. Stebbins
3. Water
Lee Davidson, Robert A. Stebbins
4. Land
Lee Davidson, Robert A. Stebbins
5. Flora and…

Pook, L.P. - Serious Fun with Flexagons, ebook

Serious Fun with Flexagons

Pook, L.P.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Les Pook
2. Polygon Rings
Les Pook
3. Fundamental Nets
Les Pook
4. Fundamental Edge Flexagons
Les Pook
5. Fundamental Skeletal and Point Flexagons
Les Pook
6. Fundamental Compound…

Bonnechère, Bruno - Serious Games in Physical Rehabilitation, ebook

Serious Games in Physical Rehabilitation

Bonnechère, Bruno


Table of contents
1. The Technology
Bruno Bonnechère
2. Physical Rehabilitation
Bruno Bonnechère
3. The (Serious) Games
Bruno Bonnechère
4. Serious Games in Rehabilitation
Bruno Bonnechère
5. Clinical and Practical Applications
Bruno Bonnechère
6. The Need of Clinical Validation

Leyh, Christian - Gamification und Serious Games, ebook

Gamification und Serious Games

Leyh, Christian


Serious Games und Gamification – Anwendungen in der Hochschulpraxis
8. Game-Based Learning, Serious Games, Business Games und Gamification –Lernförderliche Anwendungsszenarien, gewonnene Erkenntnisse und Handlungsempfehlungen

Kankaanranta, Marja - Design and Use of Serious Games, ebook

Design and Use of Serious Games

Kankaanranta, Marja


Designing Serious Games for Computer Assisted Language Learning – a Framework for Development and Analysis
Bente Meyer, Birgitte Holm Sørensen
6. Competence Complexity and Obvious Learning
Ellen Brox, Audun Heggelund, Gunn Evertsen
7. The Attitudes

Cai, Yiyu - Simulation and Serious Games for Education, ebook

Simulation and Serious Games for Education

Cai, Yiyu


The Effectiveness of the Game LINGO Online: A Serious Game for English Pronunciation
Wim Trooster, Sui Lin Goei, Anouk Ticheloven, Esther Oprins, Gillian Boer-Visschedijk, Gemma Corbalan, Martin Schaik
10. A Gaze Tracking System for Children with Autism Spectrum