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Ching, Francis D. K. - Architecture: Form, Space, and Order, ebook

Architecture: Form, Space, and Order

Ching, Francis D. K.


The Interactive Resource Center includes an expanded library of images that provide ample visual confirmation of the interplay between theory and practice, and readers are encouraged throughout the book to look critically at the built environment to promote a more evocative understanding of architecture.

Ballantyne, Andrew - Architectures: Modernism and After, ebook

Architectures: Modernism and After

Ballantyne, Andrew


Architectures: Modernism and After surveys the history of the building from the advent of industrialization to the cultural imperatives of the present moment.
Brings together international art and architectural historians to consider a range of topics that have influenced the shape,

 - An Architecture of the Ozarks, ebook

An Architecture of the Ozarks


Table of contents
1. Architecture or Entomology
David Buege
2. The World Is My Imagination A Drive with Marlon Blackwell
Dan Hoffman
3. Place and Image
Juhani Pallasmaa
4. June Moore House
5. BarnHouse
6. 2Square House (Farah Residence)
7. Prototypes Roadside Houses for the New American

Leach, Neil - Space Architecture: The New Frontier for Design Research, ebook

Space Architecture: The New Frontier for Design Research

Leach, Neil


Forty years on from the first moon landing, architecture in Space is entering a new era. Over the last decade, there has been a fundamental shift in the Space industry from short-term pioneering expeditions to long-term planning for colonisation, and new ventures such as Space tourism. Architects

Oussalah, Mourad Chabanne - Software Architecture 2, ebook

Software Architecture 2

Oussalah, Mourad Chabanne


Over the past 20 years, software architectures have significantly contributed to the development of complex and distributed systems. Nowadays, it is recognized that one of the critical problems in the design and development of any complex software system is its architecture,

Cook, Susan L. - IT Architecture For Dummies, ebook

IT Architecture For Dummies

Cook, Susan L.


A solid introduction to the practices, plans, and skills required for developing a smart system architecture
Information architecture combines IT skills with business skills in order to align the IT structure of an organization with the mission, goals, and objectives of its business.

Ching, Francis D. K. - Introduction to Architecture, ebook

Introduction to Architecture

Ching, Francis D. K.


Ching into a single volume
Introduction to Architecture presents the essential texts and drawings of Francis D. K. Ching for those new to architecture and design. With his typical highly graphic approach, this is the first introductory

Smith, David Lee - Environmental Issues for Architecture, ebook

Environmental Issues for Architecture

Smith, David Lee

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Avoiding needless jargon, Environmental Issues for Architecture supports an understanding of environmental systems in order to inform architectural design. With topics ranging from lighting, acoustics, thermal control, plumbing, fire protection and egress, to elevators