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Hedges, Keith E. - Architectural Graphic Standards, ebook

Architectural Graphic Standards

Hedges, Keith E.


The gold-standard design and documentation reference for students
Architectural Graphic Standards, Student Edition condenses key information from the definitive industry reference to provide students with a powerful learning resource. Covering design

Ching, Francis D. K. - Architectural Graphics, ebook

Architectural Graphics

Ching, Francis D. K.


The bestselling guide to architectural drawing, with new information, examples, and resources
Architectural Graphics is the classic bestselling reference by one of the leading global authorities on architectural design

Emmitt, Stephen - Architectural Technology, ebook

Architectural Technology

Emmitt, Stephen


Since the publication of the first edition of Architectural Technology, in 2002, there have been significant developments in the number of courses, the profile of the discipline as well as significant changes in the Construction sector.
The Second edition of Architectural

Perea, Enrique Castaño - Architectural Draughtsmanship, ebook

Architectural Draughtsmanship

Perea, Enrique Castaño


Multi-sensory Experience in the Creative Design of the Project: How to Materialize Them in Spatial Language
Amélia Panet Barros, Isabel Medero Rocha
15. Vision(s), Process and Intention. Place Appropriation. A Teaching Experience in the River Guadaira

Groat, Linda N. - Architectural Research Methods, ebook

Architectural Research Methods

Groat, Linda N.


Part I explores basic research issues and concepts, and includes chapters on relating theory to method and design to research. Part II gives a comprehensive treatment of specific strategies for investigating built forms. In all, the book covers seven types of research,