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Bedi, Ashwani - Structure for Architects: A Primer, ebook

Structure for Architects: A Primer

Bedi, Ashwani


An introduction to the concepts and principles of architectural structures in an easy-to-read format
Written as an easy-to-understand primer on the topic, Structure for Architects engages readers through instruction that uses a highly visual format and real-world examples to underline

Strom, Steven - Site Engineering for Landscape Architects, ebook

Site Engineering for Landscape Architects

Strom, Steven


Now in its Sixth Edition, Site Engineering for Landscape Architects has long been the leading textbook used in site engineering, planning, and construction courses. It presents the complex principles and techniques of site grading, drainage, earthwork, and road alignment in a way that is

Emmitt, Stephen - Design Management for Architects, ebook

Design Management for Architects

Emmitt, Stephen


This guide integrates theory and practice to offer practical solutions for architects to improve their design management skills.
This unique guide helps architects improve their management skills by addressing the relationship between the management

Pickard, Quentin - The Architects' Handbook, ebook

The Architects' Handbook

Pickard, Quentin


The Architects' Handbook provides a comprehensive range of visual and technical information covering the great majority of building types likely to be encountered by architects, designers, building surveyors and others involved in the construction industry.

Curtis, Kenneth R. - Architects of World History: Researching the Global Past, ebook

Architects of World History: Researching the Global Past

Curtis, Kenneth R.


Architects of World History presents an innovative collection of original essays by leading scholars associated with World History, exploring through intellectual autobiography the ideas, challenges, and inspirations that are shaping the fieldFeatures original, accessible contributions from

 - Julie Snow Architects, ebook

Julie Snow Architects


Table of contents
1. Julie Snow: The Rugged and the Refined
Janet Abrams
2. Chronology
3. Selected Bibliography
4. Studio Members
5. Selected Projects
6. Short Run Production
7. Origen Center
8. QMR Production

Bastien, Sheri - Youth as Architects of Social Change, ebook

Youth as Architects of Social Change

Bastien, Sheri


Youth as Architects of Peace? Street Mediation at the Norwegian Red Cross and Other National Red Cross Unions
Espen Marius Foss, Ida Hydle
13. Erratum to: Youth as Architects of Social Change
Sheri Bastien, Halla B.

Bognar, Botond - Kengo Kuma, ebook

Kengo Kuma

Bognar, Botond


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Kengo Kuma
2. An Architecture of Dissolution? The Work of Kengo Kuma
Botond Bognar
3. Kiro-San Observatory
4. Water/Glass
5. River/Filter
6. Noh Stage in the Forest
7. Memorial Park