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Kenward, Michael - Missing Data in Clinical Studies, ebook

Missing Data in Clinical Studies

Kenward, Michael


Missing Data in Clinical Studies provides a comprehensive account of the problems arising when data from clinical and related studies are incomplete, and presents the reader with approaches to effectively address

Kroonenberg, Pieter M. - Applied Multiway Data Analysis, ebook

Applied Multiway Data Analysis

Kroonenberg, Pieter M.


This book presents a unique, thorough, and authoritative treatment of this relatively new and emerging approach to data analysis. Using carefully laid out examples and engaging applications, the book begins with a general overview of multiway analysis, including the types of problems it

Kowalski, Jeanne - Modern Applied U-Statistics, ebook

Modern Applied U-Statistics

Kowalski, Jeanne


A timely and applied approach to the newly discovered methods and applications of U-statistics

Built on years of collaborative research and academic experience, Modern Applied U-Statistics successfully presents a thorough introduction to

Torelli, Nicola - Advances in Theoretical and Applied Statistics, ebook

Advances in Theoretical and Applied Statistics

Torelli, Nicola


A Regionalization Method for Spatial Functional Data Based on Variogram Models: An Application on Environmental Data
Elvira Romano, Antonio Balzanella, Rosanna Verde
11. Spectral Decomposition of the AR Metric
Maria Iannario, Domenico Piccolo
12. Nonlinear