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Cohen, Andrew I. - Contemporary Debates in Applied Ethics, ebook

Contemporary Debates in Applied Ethics

Cohen, Andrew I.


Revised and updated new edition with six new pairs of essays on prominent contemporary issues including torture and same-sex marriage, and a survey of theories of ethics by Stephen DarwallLeading philosophers tackle colleagues with opposing views in contrasting essays

Suikkanen, Jussi - This Is Ethics: An Introduction, ebook

This Is Ethics: An Introduction

Suikkanen, Jussi


This is Ethics presents an accessible and engaging introduction to a variety of issues relating to contemporary moral philosophy.Covers a wide range of topics which are actively debated in contemporary moral philosophyAddresses the nature of happiness, well-being, and the meaning of life,

LaFollette, Hugh - Ethics in Practice: An Anthology, ebook

Ethics in Practice: An Anthology

LaFollette, Hugh


The fourth edition of Ethics in Practice offers an impressive collection of 70 new, revised, and classic essays covering 13 key ethical issues. Essays integrate ethical theory and the discussion of practical moral problems into a text that is ideal for introductory and applied

Streumer, Bart - Irrealism in Ethics, ebook

Irrealism in Ethics

Streumer, Bart


Irrealism in Ethics presents a collection of six original essays contributed by prominent moral philosophers that address various forms of the philosophical position of ethical irrealism. Addresses various forms of the philosophical position of ethical irrealismPresents arguments both

Frey, R. G. - A Companion to Applied Ethics, ebook

A Companion to Applied Ethics

Frey, R. G.


Applied or practical ethics is perhaps the largest growth area in philosophy today, and many issues in moral, social, and political life have come under philosophical scrutiny in recent years. Taken together, the essays in this volume – including

Teays, Wanda - Business Ethics Through Movies: A Case Study Approach, ebook

Business Ethics Through Movies: A Case Study Approach

Teays, Wanda


Movies can be a powerful teaching tool in Business Ethics. The actions of characters in films compellingly portray the ethical quandaries and moral decision-making that play out in the modern workplace. But what can Salmon Fishing in Yemen tell us about the recent European

Seedhouse, David - Ethics: The Heart of Health Care, ebook

Ethics: The Heart of Health Care

Seedhouse, David


Ethics: The Heart of Health Care — a classic ethics text in medical, health and nursing studies — is recommended around the globe for its straightforward introduction to ethical analysis. In this Third Edition David Seedhouse again demonstrates tangibly

Brunk, Conrad G. - The Ethics of Cultural Appropriation, ebook

The Ethics of Cultural Appropriation

Brunk, Conrad G.


The Ethics of Cultural Appropriation undertakes a comprehensive and systematic investigation of the moral and aesthetic questions that arise from the practice of cultural appropriation.
Explores cultural appropriation in a wide variety of contexts, among them the arts and archaeology,