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Burton, Michael - Android App Development For Dummies, ebook

Android App Development For Dummies

Burton, Michael


The updated edition of the bestselling guide to Android app development
If you have ambitions to build an Android app, this hands-on guide gives you everything you need to dig into the development process and turn your great idea into a reality!

Feiler, Jesse - iOS App Development For Dummies, ebook

iOS App Development For Dummies

Feiler, Jesse

From 35,10€

If you’ve got incredible iOS ideas, get this book and bring them to life!
iOS 7 represents the most significant update to Apple’s mobile operating system since the first iPhone was released, and even the most seasoned app developers are looking for information on how to take advantage

Andres, Clay - The Business of iPhone App Development, ebook

The Business of iPhone App Development

Andres, Clay


Doing Your Homework: Analyzing iPhone App Ideas and Performing Competitive Research
3. Protecting Your Intellectual Property
4. Your iPhone App Is Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool
5. Money for Nothing: When It Pays to

Kuh, Nick - Foundation iPhone App Development, ebook

Foundation iPhone App Development

Kuh, Nick


iPhone App Navigation, Views, and View Controllers
Nick Kuh
6. Views, Controls, Camera, Action!
Nick Kuh
Day 3. Working with Data
7. Table Views, Arrays, and Dictionaries—Oh My!
Nick Kuh
8. Data Persistence with Core Data
Nick Kuh

Mishra, Abhishek - iPhone and iPad App 24-Hour Trainer, ebook

iPhone and iPad App 24-Hour Trainer

Mishra, Abhishek


An all-in-one tutorial for planning, developing, and launching iPhone and iPad apps
The number of applications in the Apple app store is growing at a staggering rate. Want to get in the game, but don't know iOS? This book-and-DVD package will help! With even little or no prior programming

Wright, Steve - Pro SharePoint 2013 App Development, ebook

Pro SharePoint 2013 App Development

Wright, Steve


Table of contents
1. Introduction to SharePoint Apps
Steve Wright
2. Creating and Debugging Apps
Steve Wright
3. Managing the App Life Cycle
Steve Wright
4. Client-Side Logic with JavaScript
Steve Wright
5. Accessing the SharePoint Environment
Steve Wright
6. SharePoint App Security