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Himmelfarb, Martha - The Apocalypse: A Brief History, ebook

The Apocalypse: A Brief History

Himmelfarb, Martha


This accessible and enlightening history provides insights into the fascinating genre of apocalyptic literature, showing how the apocalypse encompasses far more than popular views of the last judgment and violent end of the world might suggest. An

Tanaka, Motoko - Apocalypse in Contemporary Japanese Science Fiction, ebook

Apocalypse in Contemporary Japanese Science Fiction

Tanaka, Motoko


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Motoko Tanaka
2. The Trajectory of Apocalyptic Discourse
Motoko Tanaka
3. Apocalypse in Japan
Motoko Tanaka
4. Apocalyptic Science Fiction from 1945 to the 1970s
Motoko Tanaka
5. Apocalyptic Science Fiction in 1980s Japan
Motoko Tanaka
6. Apocalyptic

Ferguson, Trish - Victorian Time, ebook

Victorian Time

Ferguson, Trish


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Trish Ferguson
2. The Best of Time, The Worst of Time: Temporal Consciousness in Dickens
Daragh Downes
3. Emptying Time in Anthony Trollope’s The Warden
Jarlath Killeen
4. Hardy’s Wessex and the Birth of Industrial Subjectivity
Trish Ferguson
5. ‘You

Semenza, Greg Colón - The English Renaissance in Popular Culture, ebook

The English Renaissance in Popular Culture

Semenza, Greg Colón


Table of contents
1. Introduction: An Age for All Time
Greg Colón Semenza
Part I. Renaissance Icons
2. Henry’s Desperate Housewives: The Tudors, the Politics of Historiography, and the Beautiful Body of Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Ramona Wray
3. The Secret Life of Elizabeth I
Adrienne L. Eastwood

Philips, Deborah - Literary Politics, ebook

Literary Politics

Philips, Deborah


Introduction: The Politics of Literature and the Literature of Politics
Deborah Philips
2. Literature and Politics
Stuart Laing
3. Shakespeare v. The BNP
Adam Hansen
4. Roaring Boys and Weeping Men: Radical Masculinity in Webster’s The Duchess

Hove, Muchativugwa - Strategies of Representation in Auto/biography, ebook

Strategies of Representation in Auto/biography

Hove, Muchativugwa


Vortex of Violence: The Apocalyptic Imagination in Peter Godwin’s The Fear
Muchativugwa Liberty Hove
8. “We Were Little Kings in Rhodesia”: Rhodesian Discourse and Representations of Colonial Violence in Kandaya and Let’s Don’t Go to the Dogs Tonight

Sugg, Katherine - Gender and Allegory in Transamerican Fiction and Performance, ebook

Gender and Allegory in Transamerican Fiction and Performance

Sugg, Katherine


Table of contents
1. Cultural Politics in Transamerica: Identity, Narrativity, and Allegory
Katherine Sugg
2. “The Ultimate Rebellion”: Political Fictions of Chicana Sexuality and Community
Katherine Sugg
3. Apocalyptic Modernities: Transamerican Allegory, Revolution, and Indigeneity in Almanac of the