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Pearson, Adam - The Diary of an Unwilling Virgin, ebook

The Diary of an Unwilling Virgin

Pearson, Adam


Welcome to the world of football-mad Troy Brown, a typical fifteen-year-old, with a loving family, a tight-knit group of friends, and a nice house in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Materially, he has a comfortable life - but then no hormone-ridden, angst-filled…

Smith, Ted - The Alphabetical General Knowledge Quiz Book, ebook

The Alphabetical General Knowledge Quiz Book

Smith, Ted


Do you enjoy learning new things? Are you knowledgeable about a wide range of topics? Or perhaps you are a quizmaster looking for new material? Whatever the motivation for buying this quiz book you are sure to like these alphabetically linked questions…

Vass, Andrew - Beat Depression with Self-Help Techniques, ebook

Beat Depression with Self-Help Techniques

Vass, Andrew


Facing difficult situations is part of our everyday lives, but we can easily feel overwhelmed and become drawn into a depressive state. However, this book illustrates that, by using a range of self-counselling techniques to explore our inner world of…

Cotton, Maggie - 101 Quirky Observations on Classical Music, ebook

101 Quirky Observations on Classical Music

Cotton, Maggie


Are you a fan of classical music? Can you name all the well-known composers, conductors and the compositions they are associated with? Or perhaps, you would like to learn more about them? If so, you are certain to enjoy the quotes and musical miscellany…

Demanche, Luc - Oracle Application Express Administration, ebook

Oracle Application Express Administration

Demanche, Luc


Administering APEX in a Runtime-Only Mode
Francis Mignault, Luc Demanche
12. Database and APEX Backups
Francis Mignault, Luc Demanche
13. Self-Provisioning Workspaces
Francis Mignault, Luc Demanche
Part IV. Tuning
14. Monitoring

Scott, John Edward - Expert Oracle Application Express, ebook

Expert Oracle Application Express

Scott, John Edward


Oracle APEX 4.0 Charts Inside Out
Dimitri Gielis
3. Tabular Forms
Denes Kubicek
4. Team Development
Roel Hartman
5. Globalization
Francis Mignault
6. Debugging
Doug Gault
7. Dynamic Actions
Martin Giffy D’Souza
8. Security

Scott, John Edward - Pro Oracle Application Express, ebook

Pro Oracle Application Express

Scott, John Edward


Migrating to APEX from Desktop Systems
3. Authentication and User Management
4. Conditions and Authorization Schemes
5. Data Security
6. Navigation and Layout
7. Reports and Charts
8. Ajax and JavaScript
9. File Storage
10. Reporting and Printing