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Hanessian, Stephen - Natural Products in Medicinal Chemistry, ebook

Natural Products in Medicinal Chemistry

Hanessian, Stephen


The examples are carefully chosen so as to represent a wide range of chemical structures as well as therapeutic indications and include such "classical" cases as taxol and the vinca alkaloids as well the latest developments in protease inhibitors, antimicrobials, antifungals,

Hahn, Alicia - Zoo and Wild Mammal Formulary, ebook

Zoo and Wild Mammal Formulary

Hahn, Alicia


Clear and comprehensive, the book offers dosages for all important drugs, including antibiotics, antifungals, anesthetics, analgesics, and more. Each dose is referenced with a journal or textbook source, including the number of animals in the study where available,

McElhatton, Anna - Novel Technologies in Food Science, ebook

Novel Technologies in Food Science

McElhatton, Anna


Plant Extracts as Natural Antifungals: Alternative Strategies for Mold Control in Foods
Virginia Fernández Pinto, Andrea Patriarca, Graciela Pose
10. Reduction of Mycotoxin Contamination by Segregation with Sieves Prior to Maize Milling
Ana M. Pacin,