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Twain, Mark - Answers To Correspondents, ebook

Answers To Correspondents

Twain, Mark


Answers To Correspondents is a short story by Mark Twain, one of the most funny and beloved American authors of all time. Known for his novels like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, Twain’s short stories are full of wit and charm. In addition

Dodd, Michael - Great Answers to Tough Questions at Work, ebook

Great Answers to Tough Questions at Work

Dodd, Michael


Great Answers to Tough Questions at Work promotes a confident 'win-win-win' mindset for questioner, answerer and wider audiences beyond. Author Michael Dodd provides golden formulae and proven strategies for constructing inspirational answers—however

Currie, Heather - Menopause: Answers at your fingertips, ebook

Menopause: Answers at your fingertips

Currie, Heather


Dr Currie answers over 160 questions from real women in this down-to-earth guide. She encourages you to use the information in this book to manage your menopause in a way that best suits you and your lifestyle