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Dunn, Peter J. - Green Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry, ebook

Green Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dunn, Peter J.


As such, it covers all aspects of green chemistry in the pharmaceutical industry, from simple molecules to complex proteins, and from drug discovery to the fate of pharmaceuticals in the environment. Furthermore, this ready reference

Jr., Sílvio Vaz - Biomass and Green Chemistry, ebook

Biomass and Green Chemistry

Jr., Sílvio Vaz


Biomass and the Green Chemistry Principles
Sílvio Vaz
2. Saccharide Biomass for Biofuels, Biomaterials, and Chemicals
Luz Marina Flórez Pardo, Jorge Enrique López Galán, Tatiana Lozano Ramírez
3. Oleaginous

Guardia, Miguel de la - Handbook of Green Analytical Chemistry, ebook

Handbook of Green Analytical Chemistry

Guardia, Miguel de la


The emerging field of green analytical chemistry is concerned with the development of analytical procedures that minimize consumption of hazardous reagents and solvents, and maximize safety for operators and the environment.  In recent years there have been significant developments